Friday, January 15, 2010

8 Weeks

So, Elsa is almost nine weeks old now. Some things remain the same since the day we brought her home and some things are rapidly changing.

Elsa still enjoys her cuddles, her food, and her blankets. She has come to appreciate the diaper changes and the changing of clothes. We go through burp rags and bibs like crazy because she is a happy spitter.

Elsa has enjoyed looking past whoever is holding her and checks out whatever is on the walls. She likes to "stand" on our laps and do a version of bouncing. She is beginning to hold our gaze and smile back at us. As of today, she has really started to chat on her own.

Proudly, Elsa sleeps through the night and is a pleasure to put to bed each evening. Of course, she has her fussy times too. Usually, it happens during dinner time, but as long as she is being held and walked around, she is content. But don't even think about sitting down. She will let you know that was not what she had in mind.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Let's Rock

Tim is so proud of his rock-n-roll daughter. She is wearing a shirt that she received from our friends Rick and Theresa. They know how much Tim enjoys AC/DC. I think Elsa enjoys them too by the look on her face.