Friday, February 15, 2013

The Year of YES - Wine

I gave up wine eight years ago.  Tim and I were invited to a new colleague's home for a delicious gourmet meal.  The food was amazing so why wouldn't the wine be fantastic?  I drank a glass of something that was red and that is all I can recall because the worst migraine of my life set in shortly thereafter.  I recall telling Tim to drive fast because I thought I was going to die on the ride home.  I could not get into bed fast enough.  I could not be where there was any light.  I wanted to cry.

The only cure from this red wine was passing out in my bed until I could endure light again.  When I woke up I swore that I would never, NEVER drink wine again.

But wine is so darn classy, right?  It seems to put people off if you are at a party and you say 'no, thank you' when you are offered that classy glass of wine.  I have been told that I will learn to drink wine when I drink expensive enough wine.  I have been told that I am just not drinking the right wine.  And the be honest, I don't think I actually like the taste of red wine.

However, I decided that I was going to give it a go with white wine after being on the wagon for eight years ago.  Shockingly, I like it.  I also do not want to die after I drank it.  I started with a very, very small glass of Riesling.

So, I am embracing wine (white) in the year of YES.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

40 Days

I have been thinking about creativity lately.  I have been reflecting on the moments in my life when I felt that I was creating and making and doing and considering the most.  Now, aside from making a baby, I have not engaged in my thoughtful considerations in the creative arts or otherwise.  Even books, I have been limited at best.

I think I need to streamline my time so that it is spent doing the things that feel the most fulfilling to me, not just the most distracting for me.  I could spend loads of time online with a ho-hum attitude.  I can dive down the rabbit hole of the internet only to find myself on Wikipedia exploring the Popes or the characters on Downton Abbey.  Neither of these activities are creative or time well spent.

So, back to the blog it is.  I am newly part-time Catholic since I teach at a Catholic school now.  All the talk has been focused on what we will be giving up for Lent.  However, I am going to take something up.  I am going to give blogging my whole-hearted try for forty days.  I am going to see if it is still in me to share my thoughts, interests, creative endeavors, and more.