Monday, September 07, 2009

Because You Asked For It...

Living away from friends and family means that they get to always envision you as you have always been. Well, I am a larger version of myself these days. With about two and a half months left until our baby arrives, I am posting a photo of my larger self because people have asked me to do it. This is the first "belly shot" that I have taken for the sole purpose of documenting the ever-growing middle section.

We've been busy making changes to our house to prepare for the baby's arrival. The office is now a nursery. The bedrooms have been switched around to make room for the stuff that was once in the office. We are crossing off the TO-DO list that we never really had a reason to finish. For example, we put off washing windows and now, the windows are done. I have put off backing up the photos on my computer, but now, that is done.

We have some names picked out, but we are still looking for one more boy name. We want to have two picked out and when we look at the baby, we'll choose from the two names. We do, however, have two girl names picked out. You can give suggestions for boy names if you would like!

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Midwestern Movie: 500 Days of Summer

Before the hectic schedule of school starts and the official ending of summer happens, I was able to squeeze in one last summer movie. Thank goodness. I could not have chosen a better movie, 500 Days of Summer.

It is the story of Tom and Summer who meet and have a story told within 500 days. Normally, I do not love romantic comedy type movies, but I would not lump this film within the romantic comedy genre. There are definitely funny parts to this story about finding love, enjoying love, and losing love, but the emotions in 500 Days of Summer are so much more genuine than the generic romantic comedy.

If you have ever been in a relationship, on either end of the break-up spectrum, you can appreciate each of the characters. There are no bad guys in the end. Just two people who experience a relationship very differently.

Along with a unique viewpoint, the director utilizes an amazing soundtrack. The Smiths. Hall and Oates, and The Doves. Of course, I love a movie with karaoke and love a movie even more if they sing interesting karaoke like The Pixies. Find a theater and go to 500 Days of Summer.