Monday, September 07, 2009

Because You Asked For It...

Living away from friends and family means that they get to always envision you as you have always been. Well, I am a larger version of myself these days. With about two and a half months left until our baby arrives, I am posting a photo of my larger self because people have asked me to do it. This is the first "belly shot" that I have taken for the sole purpose of documenting the ever-growing middle section.

We've been busy making changes to our house to prepare for the baby's arrival. The office is now a nursery. The bedrooms have been switched around to make room for the stuff that was once in the office. We are crossing off the TO-DO list that we never really had a reason to finish. For example, we put off washing windows and now, the windows are done. I have put off backing up the photos on my computer, but now, that is done.

We have some names picked out, but we are still looking for one more boy name. We want to have two picked out and when we look at the baby, we'll choose from the two names. We do, however, have two girl names picked out. You can give suggestions for boy names if you would like!


Sara Hondl said...

You look great. Cute hair. Now we need a picture of the new nursery.

rachelzana said...

You look beautiful, Sara! Nest away!

Anonymous said...

Cute hair! You look great- I hope the first day of kindergarten was a fun-filled day and you aren't too tired. Amanda

Anonymous said...

Great pic! It is hard to suggest names to a teacher since so many of them are tainted by memories of kids in your past classes. I saw the name Griffin on a bulletin board at preschool today and thought it was cute.


Anonymous said...

Sara, you look fantastic!!! I'm glad you're documenting! My brother and sister-in-law just had a boy on Friday, and I have to say that being so far away, I enjoyed the pics. It helped me picture my new nephew's progress. Hope you're feeling well!

Amanda said...

Boys names... well, here are some favorite names of favorite kids in ESP:
Jameson (one of my favorite kids, but not a favorite name, but I do like James/Jimmy)
I really liked the name Carter. And then I looked up what it meant, and it means "Man who pushes cart." I don't like that meaning... but I still like the name!

Katie said...

You look great Sara! So excited for you to become a mommy. And I heard through the grapevine that you and I have similar name taste. So boy or girl I know I will love your baby's name!!!