Monday, May 30, 2005


I took a quiz last week to determine which Revenge of the Sith character I would be, and it turned out that I was Emperor Palpatine. He is really bad. He is even worse than Darth Vader. What does that say about me? So, I feel so much better now since this quiz was more in depth and I am now on the side of the Republic. I only wish she kicked butt like she did in Episode II. All she really did in Episode III was stand around and look sad and pretty.

Try It!


Thanks to Dree at Chalkdust for tagging me to answer a few questions. I love it because I was suffering from a bit of blogger's block. So, I had to choose five of the following questions and answer them.

if I could be a scientist...If I could be a farmer...If I could be a musician...If I could be a doctor...If I could be a painter...If I could be a gardener...If I could be a missionary...If I could be a chef...If I could be an architect...If I could be a linguist...If I could be a psychologist...If I could be a librarian...If I could be an athlete...If I could be a lawyer...If I could be an inn-keeper...If I could be a professor...If I could be a writer...If I could be a llama-rider...If I could be a bonnie pirate...If I could be an astronaut...If I could be a world famous blogger...If I could be a justice on any one court in the world...If I could be married to any current famous political figure...

If I could be a gardener...I would have a large rectangle garden with nice, neat rows of peas, beans, strawberries, squash, rhubarb, and on an on. I would be a smart gardener who would plant fruits and veggies that would become ready at a variety of times. I would wear a fabulously big, floppy hat. I would like nothing better than cleaning and presenting a basket of freshly grown fruits and veggies to my friends and family. I would also make wonderful pies with the strawberries and rhubarb.

If I could be a librarian...I would hoard books. I would wait until books came to the library and I would not be a selfless librarian that would put the new books would keep them for myself. Then, when someone asked if we had the newest KRAKAUER book, I would say in a very gentle, but whispery voice, "No. That is a very popular book. I'll put your name on a waiting list," as I gently tap the book under the counter.

If I could be a writer...I would write greeting cards. I would write funny and ironic cards. I would be inspired by cards like the one I saw the other day. On the cover it read, "Will there be dancing at your birthday celebration?...And by dancing, I mean alcohol." I laughed out loud, but I think it is because I think I have actually said that.

If I could be a llama-rider...I would name him/her Honey and tie her to the bike rack as I buy my groceries. Then, I would throw my grocery bags over Honey's back. I would buy Honey a snack in the grocery store. Everyone in town would smile when they saw Honey and I walking back to my house. They would say, "Sara gave up her Honda long ago for a Honey."

If I could be an athlete...I would be a bowler. Bowlers get to drink pop and beer. They get to eat snacks. They wear bright shirts and fantastic shoes. Bowling has no age discrimination. I don't think there is much training involved. I would be a great bowler.

So, I tag Melanie and Anna. I can't wait to read your answers! And for all you non-bloggers, go ahead and answer one in the comments!

May 28, 2005

Congratulations, Steve and Amanda!

Friday, May 27, 2005

Til' Tuesday

Here is the scoop in my absence...It is the end of the school year and that makes a teacher super busy. Also, I have a wedding to attend this weekend. You can look forward to a summer of almost daily updates after I get back from my weekend.

Have a great one!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


I have been pretty busy lately. Tonight is the first time that I feel that I can indulge my self-absorbed nature and write. On Sunday, I spent six hours at school working on report cards and packing my room. I am the type of teacher that NEVER goes in on the weekend. I would rather stay late and go early before going in on the weekend. I think it all stems from my first year where I did nothing but hang out in my classroom.

Last night, I fell asleep watching a movie called Guerilla: The Taking of Patty Hearst on IPTV. This might reveal my ultra-nerd side, but I was mad at myself for falling asleep during this movie because I had been looking forward to it, but I couldn't keep my eyes open.

Okay, now you know a little about where I have been the past three days.

I have two and a half days left of school. I can't believe it. My time at this Iowa school has gone so fast. My three years in Iowa have been good to me. If you plan on reading this blog over the summer, you can expect several thoughtful posts about my love of Iowa and how I will miss this corn loving state.

The students that I have this year in fourth grade, I had the same students last year when I taught third grade. So, in two and a half days I will say good-bye to the 25 ten year olds that I have spent 360 days teaching, working, laughing, and sometimes disciplining. Saying good-bye is part of teaching. We do what we can for the children when they are in our care and we send them on hoping that they can recall a smidge of learning from third and fourth grade.

When I think about it, I hope they can recall and use the tools of character more than math and reading. I hope they are kind and nice and caring and strong and brave. That is all I ask. If they can all walk out my door and be those five simple things, I will feel successful.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Movie Wagon

Tonight I saw Episode III. I thought it was good. Like always, they could have wrapped up the light-saber fights, but I get it. That is their thing. It cleared up a lot of questions for me with the story.

It inspired me to watch Return of the Jedi again to remember how it all gets wrapped up. It also inspired me to start my online video rentals again. I quit my video watching once school started because I would not have the time, but with summer vacation just around the corner, I will have lots of time.

So, what should I watch? I have been to three movies in 2005. Episode III, In Good Company, and Hitch. So, there are a lot of movies that I still need to see. Use the following rules when recommending movies...

  • I don't like romantic comedies.
  • I like comedies that are smart or have a bit of toilet humor in them.
  • I like dramas, but not thrillers.
  • I like movies that make me think.
  • I like documentaries.
  • I like period movies.
  • I don't like animation.
  • I like action movies with super heroes.
  • I like most indie movies.
  • I like old movies, but only if they are good. Like must sees.
  • I love mafia movies.
  • I like dark comedies.
  • I very rarely re-watch movies.
  • I only like Star Wars for science fiction.

So, if you want to recommend something, leave a comment. Please.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Sara Loves Kenny

Tonight I found myself cleaning my house while listening to my favorite 80's soundtrack hero, Kenny Loggins. Isn't he great?! It is perfectly normal to break out the cassettes from your childhood. I own the Footloose soundtrack, Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack, Phil Collins, and the Cocktail soundtrack.

I know, you are jealous. You wanted to listen to some Beach Boys' Kokomo tonight as you washed the dishes.

I think I needed an escape from my world tonight. I needed to venture back to the days when all I cared about was which scrunchy I might wear to school the next day or read over and over the love note that was passed to me during study hall. I used to sit in my room and listen to music all night as I spent my adolescent years away.

Cleaning and Kenny did offer an escape and some time to think through some things from work. Being a teacher is one of those gems of a job that offers great rewards, but some heartbreak too. Tonight, my heart is breaking for a little for one of my students.

I guess I just want people to be as nice as Kenny Loggin's super sweet ballads.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Happy 28th Birthday, Reddig

Is she hot or what?

And today it is her birthday. Happy 28th birthday, Reddig! She has waited so patiently for her tribute...

I've known this hot dish since 1990 and love my friendship with her!

I have met many funny girls in my life, but I don't laugh harder than when I am with this girl. Thankfully, she has many talents.
  • Makes a mean tatortot hotdish
  • Makes inappropriate jokes super funny
  • Knows how to squeegy her car window when she is driving
  • Sings a mean rendition of "Gangster's Delight"
  • Organize your CDs in alphabetical order while shaming you at the same time for your untidy nature
  • Dish about reality television like she like she was just voted off
  • Says the very thing that someone just said and making sound like a totally original question or funny and so Reddig
  • Calls me right when I need her to


Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Karaoke Magic

Box karaoke is very special. I don't want to say that it is better than singing at a karaoke bar, but it has its own unique loveliness about it.

Sitting around a large television with friends, a big book of songs, and some drinks, an evening of entertainment is just around the corner.

Friday night we went to a Korean karaoke bar where most songs in the book were not in English, but they had enough songs to keep us happy. I sang "Amanda" by Boston and "All Out of Love" by the one and only Air Supply! I guess I have a thing for weepy 80's ballads. I can't remember other songs that were sung...oh, yea...Sara and I sang "Gangster's Paradise" by Coolio. That was awesome.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Almost a Sick Day

All I can say about today is it started out looking rather dim, yet as the day went on, it improved by leaps and bounds.

  • 8:00 AM-Wishing I had called a sub because I didn't think my raspy voice was going to hold up against 25 ten year olds.
  • 10:15 AM-Knowing that after some Diet Coke, cough drops, and calm students, I knew I would make it.
  • 10:30 AM-Receiving a friendly email from a special friend.
  • 11:50 AM-Realizing in my haste and panic of sickness this morning, I had not packed a lunch. I had to eat the salad bar at school, but it was actually pretty good...or I was desparate.
  • 12:30 PM-I thought teaching fractions was difficult, try teaching them the difference between area and perimeter. However, they impress me. They catch on with my multiple and sometimes over dramatic examples of fences and bunnies.
  • 4:30 PM-Attends a wedding shower for a friend at work and have excellent conversations with many great people. I stay late to chat with the hostess. The snacks were terrific too.

So, one could look at this day and say, "SO WHAT? Sounds like a typical day to me."

That is right, and that is why it was such a good day. It turned out to be way better than being sick.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Black Out

I came home from tutoring last night to a dark, candle lit apartment. No. Tim did not plan a romantic evening. We were in the middle of a mediocre thunderstorm. This was unfortunate because I had tons to do. Tons of stuff to do that was difficult to do by candle light.

However, sometimes you just have to take a breathe and realize that there is nothing you can do to change it. I broke out more candles sat on the couch with Tim for some much needed conversation. We sat for about 45 minutes when we realized that the power was not coming back on. So, we decided to leave our little apartment to go to Target.

I needed to buy a wedding shower gift. I have been quite the resource for all my friends that got married after me since I was the first. I love to tell them what they should place on their registries that I left off and wish I hadn't. Anyway...I never buy off the registry because I not nearly creative enough. I figure, if it is on the registry, they want it. We wasted a good 20 minutes read greeting cards for fun. That sounds totally lame, but we laughed so it is a good thing. You should try it.

Then, hoping that the power would be back on, we ventured back to our apartment. NO luck. Still black. So, I packed in the dark. I styled my afro wig in the dark. I cleaned in the dark. Finally, we went to bed in the dark and just as we were setting our cell phones to wake us up in the morning, every light in the house came on. Relief. Then, I closed my eyes it was dark again.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A Stream of Me

Okay...stay with me here. You are about to enter into a stream of mindless wanderings in the mind of Sara...

  • So, I think I must have a lot on my mind tonight because it is 8:45 and it has just occured to me that I have not had supper. Sure, it wouldn't hurt me to miss more than just one meal, but this never happens. I look forward to each meal. I made a delicious peanut butter sandwich. That should do.
  • It is that time of the school year where everyone is talking about "next year". I hate it. I hate being left out and I am being left out of next year. I am a LAME DUCK teacher. I am still knee-deep in teaching and fighting ignorance everyday, but I am no longer called on to be on committees or make next year decisions. Maybe I should be relieved. But I think I will just be a little sad. It is not anyone's fault. Just feel sorry for me, okay!
  • I am glad that Anthony Federov got the boot on American Idol tonight. It was long over due.
  • Sorry to be so vague, but I have to. It is such an amazing thing when your reputation preceeds you and the perceived reputation is so wrong. Should I take a moment and correct the misperceived judgement or do I let them wallow in their ignorance of the real me? I have to say, more than ever before, I am letting people know the real me. It will be their responsibility to see for themselves who I really am.
  • If you read this post tonight, I want you to take a moment and leave a comment. I want to know who is reading this blog. You don't have to sign in. You can leave an anonymous comment and sign your name. You can leave an anonymous comment and leave an "inside" comment so I know it is you. You can leave an anonymous comment and just let me wonder. I would love it all. I want to know if I have some readers.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Party Girl

I love to go to theme and/or costume parties. I remember when I was getting married and I was asked what kind bachelorette party that I wanted, it was easy. Of course, I wanted a 70's bachelorette party. I did not specify whether a disco 70's or hippster housewife 70's. Thankfully, both showed up. It wasn't until later, did I sport my full-on disco self at my friend Janelle's Flashy Disco bachelorette party. (See photo). It was great. I had purchased this funkalicious hot pink and sparkled dress. It was vintage and perfect. I went to the KMART where I was surprised to see that big, brown sunglasses with a little plastic, gold bling were still in style.

Another superb bachelorette party would be my friend Chrissy. We dressed in vintage bridesmaids dresses. Imagine...I am wearing a pastel pink frill, off the shoulder. But, the best part was the floppy pink hat to go with it. We were a hit.

Recently, we went out to celebrate my friend Sara's nuptials with printed shirts that stated a number of obscene things about her. Then, she sported a shirt that said, "Hi. I am Sara. I am the bride." I wish that I could post all of the inappropriate sayings that I meticulously printed on the cute pink shirts, but it might just change your opinion of me.

This weekend, I will attend another fabulous bachelorette party. My friend Amanda is getting married. We will wear wigs again (my favorite), feather boas, bedazzled clothes, and be very fun. I cannot reveal too much since I know that Amanda reads this blog, but it will be a night to remember.

It is never the drinks (even though, that is fun too), but rather the terrific memories that we make when we are out. This weekend will fill the void of having no costume parties to speak of for at least two years. I can't wait.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Public Radio Music

My freshman year in college, I was one of the lucky ones to receive a workstudy appointment. However, I did not want to work in some office where I would answer phones or scoop tater-tot hotdish onto plates of students as I sported a hairnet. No, I wanted a 'cool' job. I wanted a job that was unlike anything I had ever done before. Sure, I had scooped ice cream and washed elderly people's hair, but I wanted to do something that would be my first 'grown-up' job.

The work study employment board was full of desk jobs that had phrases like "administrative duties" and "food service". But after much searching and no settling, I stumbled upon the North Dakota Public Radio station that was located on our campus. The job called for "interest in music, friendly, and organized". That was me. Thankfully, I got the job where I was able to listen to two of the three stations that the radio stations ran. I answered phones. I wrapped up CDs and t-shirts for the public radio members during member drives. I ran to get the food for the announcers. I also typed thank you cards for members. But mostly, I sat at a desk where I listened to the radio. I walked up and down the aisle of CDs of the music library.

Unfortunately, I did not receive workstudy funding for the rest of my college career, but I continued to love public radio. UND had a great folk public radio station that highlighted non-commercial artists. It was a completely underappreciated station on campus and in town. They played this great show called World Cafe. (It can be found on most public radio stations.) That was where I first heard of Patty Griffin, Wilco, and Dar Williams.

So, during my trip to Minneapolis, I was brought back to my college days with the underappreciated public radio station that played such excellent music when I listened to The Current, 89.3 for Minnesota Public Radio. They were playing Ray LaMontagne, Sly and the Family Stone, and Jeff Buckley. It was great. You can stream it to your computer and have listen yourself.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Diet Coke Dependency

We all have our little addictions. Some shop. Some drink. Some smoke. I claim to have many obsessions, yet only one true addiction. I know it is an addiction because when I can't have it or get my hands on it when I need it, I panic. This exact thing happened today in the teacher's lounge at noon lunch.

Back story...

My friend, Jodi, and I have become quite generous with our morning Diet Coke giving. One day, I will bring in two, cold Diet Cokes. Then, another day that week, Jodi will bring me a Diet Coke. It is a beautiful thing. So, today I didn't even have to go to the teacher's lounge for my morning fix of Diet Coke. Seriously, if I don't have Diet Coke flowing through my veins by at least 7:45 AM, I am not happy.

So, I enjoyed my bottle of Diet Coke all morning. I went to lunch with 50 cents jingling in my pocket, walked up the pop machine, and saw that Diet Coke and my runner-up, Diet Cherry Coke, was SOLD OUT! It was like a scene from a movie. The camera pans in for a close up of the panic.

I started ranting and raving about how I don't have a break in the afternoon so I can't even run and get a soda. Ugh. I am starting to get some strange stares from other teachers already eating their lunch.

But, then, like a super-hero, Jodi comes in and offers me one of her two extra Diet Cokes that she brought from home! Ahhhh...sweet relief. We fueled up for another afternoon of fighting ignorance.

So, the important lesson I learned today is that I should always...ALWAYS...have a spare Diet Coke on hand.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Attachment Issues

Today I had an "OH MY GOD!" moment. I realized that I had two and a half months left in Iowa. Everytime I saw someone I enjoyed or cared about, I thought to myself, "OH MY GOD! I won't see you everyday!" No one could see the panic in my eyes, but it was there. A person could have been talking to me about something school related or non-school related and all I am thinking is "OH MY GOD!"

It really depends on the day. Sometimes I can hide my emotions very well. Sometimes I cannot. Today, I think I did. I just wish people would stop talking about it. I just wish people would help me live a little deeper in my Iowa-Lovin' denial. I am at my best when I am knee-deep in denial. Not really, I am being a tad dramatic.

It is not that I am the first person to leave great friends or that I am not excited for this move east, it is that I get a bit attached. People try to make me feel better with statements like, "Well, you will make new friends." I KNOW THAT! I make friends easily. What they should say instead is,"Well, no matter what, we will be friends." I want to keep my friends.

I am messed up. I don't know why I worry about this. Is this normal for people when they move away? Honestly, I am a well-adjusted woman who is confident and secure, yet what is going on with this mental hang-up? So, if you are my friend and your read this blog, please assure me that we are chums and we are cool and we are, like my fourth grade students say, friends to the end.

PS...I almost deleted this post. It makes sound to CRAZY.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Gratitude Day

Did you know that today was Teacher Appreciation Day? Yes, I am sure that Hallmark probably decided that teachers needed their very own day just like Administrative Assistants and Nurses, but shouldn't everyday be about gratitude. Since I was thanked today with a nice lunch by the PTO, a card, and a mug, I will use my blog to give a SHOUT OUT to a few. We don't say those words enough. I know I do not. So, today is Teacher Appreciation Day, but it inspires me to say thank you to people that I don't thank no particular order...

Mom-Thanks for always taking time to talk with me on the phone. You never say that you have to go or that you are in the middle of something. You always have time for me.

Jodi-Thank you for our little talks, the Diet Coke, the M & Ms, the laughs, the dish, the code words, and the advice.

Sara-Thanks for our friendship. It has grown by leaps and bounds and I couldn't be happier.

Tim-Thanks for ensuring many laughs in my day. Thanks for my daily squeeze and smooch...Too much information? Oh, well. Thanks for helping me appreciate The Force, the Hobbits, the Vikings, and the Cardinals.

Julie-Thanks for getting me addicted to scrapbooking. I can't get enough of it.

Amy-Thanks for getting me hooked me to blogging, NYC, and karaoke.

Penny-Thanks for being the hippest girl around school with the most memorable laugh I've ever known.

Kecia-Thanks for the friendship because I found a fellow cool nerd in you. You love games, puzzles, television, and Target as much as I do.

Blog Readers-Thanks for checking out my little corner of the internet.

Now, if you felt left you, I am sorry. If you are part of my life, your name or likeness is bound to show up on this blog. So, if you want to have your very own shout out, you may have to post a comment or hang out with me.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Maple Vinegarette Dressing

Here is a recipe that I enjoy...

Maple Vinegarette Dressing

1/2 tsp. dried basil
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
1/2 cup real maple syrup
1 Tbsp. lemon juice
1 clove garlic, minced
1 cup olive oil
1 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. pepper

Combine basil and vinegar with whisk. Add syrup, lemon juice, and garlic with whisk. Add olive oil and season with salt and pepper.

My Guy-Friend, Steve

Girlfriends are great. Really great. A friendship with a woman can offer so much. Shopping trips. Long talks. Great advice from shoes to life decisions. Dish. Hobbies like scrapbooking and pottery. Did I say shopping? Without my girlfriends, I would be lost.

However, I know that I am one of the lucky ones. I have a guy-friend. After almost ten years of friendship, almost nine years of marriage between us (not to each other), and one state separating us, my friend Steve and I are still great friends.

It was a fluke, really. I met Steve on the very first night of college. It started out horribly. It was one of those hidious mixers that force freshman to interact with the opposite sex. My dorm wing was matched up with a male dorm wing and we HAD to walk to the dance together. UGH. Fortunately, I knew many people from high school and kept my eye out for them at the dance. I spied a classmate of mine and a group of people. My classmate introduced me to Steve, his new roommate. Being a lifelong North Dakotan, I was facinated with a person who would leave Boston, Mass. to venture to the great, white north that is UND.

I am sure that Steve was overwhelmed with my friends. We did kind of force our friendship on him. Whenever we went to dinner, we'd call our new friend Steve. Whenever we went to the computer lab, we'd call our new friend Steve. Sometimes, he'd answer the phone and pretend that he had no idea who we were, but we did not take a hint. Luckily, we won him over.

So, college continued. We graduated and made a promise that if we were ever in the same town, we'd call each other and try to get together. I have stuck to that promise and even if we can't get together, I call him as I drive through Minneapolis. We chat about every other week. I will be visiting him this weekend and I couldn't be happier.

I am always so pleased when Steve calls. I enjoy our talks and the perspective that he gives me. Like most friendships, I feel rejuvenated after a conversation with Steve.

What it comes down to is that I am glad that I forced my friendship on Steve. I am glad that when I call, Steve now knows who I am. I am glad that he finally accepted the inevitable...that Sara can make a pretty good friend.