Friday, May 13, 2005

Black Out

I came home from tutoring last night to a dark, candle lit apartment. No. Tim did not plan a romantic evening. We were in the middle of a mediocre thunderstorm. This was unfortunate because I had tons to do. Tons of stuff to do that was difficult to do by candle light.

However, sometimes you just have to take a breathe and realize that there is nothing you can do to change it. I broke out more candles sat on the couch with Tim for some much needed conversation. We sat for about 45 minutes when we realized that the power was not coming back on. So, we decided to leave our little apartment to go to Target.

I needed to buy a wedding shower gift. I have been quite the resource for all my friends that got married after me since I was the first. I love to tell them what they should place on their registries that I left off and wish I hadn't. Anyway...I never buy off the registry because I not nearly creative enough. I figure, if it is on the registry, they want it. We wasted a good 20 minutes read greeting cards for fun. That sounds totally lame, but we laughed so it is a good thing. You should try it.

Then, hoping that the power would be back on, we ventured back to our apartment. NO luck. Still black. So, I packed in the dark. I styled my afro wig in the dark. I cleaned in the dark. Finally, we went to bed in the dark and just as we were setting our cell phones to wake us up in the morning, every light in the house came on. Relief. Then, I closed my eyes it was dark again.

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Eyes said...

Glad you got your power on.

When we first moved into our house -- less than a month -- the power went out -- for FOUR DAYS. And it was nearly 100 degrees every day.

We died. No A/C. We carried our mattress down to the basement.

And worse, we are on well water -- so we had no water. To flush our toliets, we had to go and get lake water -- and flush it down with a burst of hand-carried water! Imagine that...

Luckily, in 8 years, it hasn't happened again :)

When are you guys moving??