Thursday, May 19, 2005

Sara Loves Kenny

Tonight I found myself cleaning my house while listening to my favorite 80's soundtrack hero, Kenny Loggins. Isn't he great?! It is perfectly normal to break out the cassettes from your childhood. I own the Footloose soundtrack, Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack, Phil Collins, and the Cocktail soundtrack.

I know, you are jealous. You wanted to listen to some Beach Boys' Kokomo tonight as you washed the dishes.

I think I needed an escape from my world tonight. I needed to venture back to the days when all I cared about was which scrunchy I might wear to school the next day or read over and over the love note that was passed to me during study hall. I used to sit in my room and listen to music all night as I spent my adolescent years away.

Cleaning and Kenny did offer an escape and some time to think through some things from work. Being a teacher is one of those gems of a job that offers great rewards, but some heartbreak too. Tonight, my heart is breaking for a little for one of my students.

I guess I just want people to be as nice as Kenny Loggin's super sweet ballads.

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