Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Happy 28th Birthday, Reddig

Is she hot or what?

And today it is her birthday. Happy 28th birthday, Reddig! She has waited so patiently for her tribute...

I've known this hot dish since 1990 and love my friendship with her!

I have met many funny girls in my life, but I don't laugh harder than when I am with this girl. Thankfully, she has many talents.
  • Makes a mean tatortot hotdish
  • Makes inappropriate jokes super funny
  • Knows how to squeegy her car window when she is driving
  • Sings a mean rendition of "Gangster's Delight"
  • Organize your CDs in alphabetical order while shaming you at the same time for your untidy nature
  • Dish about reality television like she like she was just voted off
  • Says the very thing that someone just said and making sound like a totally original question or funny and so Reddig
  • Calls me right when I need her to



Amanda said...

Reddig is the best! She is always there when you need a friend-- She's great!

What a wonderful person to tribute!

Happy Birthday, RedDog!

Anna said...

Happy Birthday Sara!!!!