Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Doughnut Mean Something

Every once in awhile, a blogger has to dig deep into her psyche to produce what might be considered her deepest and most revealing piece of writing. This is no exception.

You Are a Boston Creme Donut

You have a tough exterior. No one wants to mess with you.
But on the inside, you're a total pushover and completely soft.
You're a traditionalist, and you don't change easily.
You're likely to eat the same doughnut every morning, and pout if it's sold out.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Yortuk's Foxy Lady

I am a disciple of the church of Saturday Night Live and there are several prophets that have shown their comedic miracles on that show. It would never cross my mind that I might be able to meet any of the Not Ready For Prime Time Players/Prophets, let of the originals! Yet, I will stand in line with many others as they listen to Dan Akroyd at our local Borders as he discusses a new book and have him sign a DVD just for me! So, in honor of this special occasion, I thought I would share my TOP DAN AKROYD MOMENTS.

Yortuk Festrunk and Georg Festrunk-I love this skit on SNL. It never gets old. They are so awkward and dead on chauvinistic with their "Sexy American Foxes" and "protruding buttocks". It has been my dream to dress up as Yortuk and Georg, the Two Wild and Crazy Guys for Halloween because I just can't get over their fantastic leisure suits. So funny!

Roman Craig in The Great Outdoors-There is something very familiar about this obnoxious and pompous character that hijacks John Candy's family vacation. Everytime I mention this movie, everyone always says, "Oh my god. I love that movie." How can you not? Now that I am an adult I find humor in a lot of the dirty jokes that I missed as a child. Back then, I just thought it was funny that John Candy ate that whole steak.

Beldar Conehead-The movie or the skit on SNL. Both very funny to me.

Dr. Raymond "Ray" Stantz in Ghostbusters-This is a direct connection with tomorrow night's reading since he has written a book on UFOs...why? I don't know, but he was an expert on paranormal history and metallurgy. You may not know this, but Dan Akroyd wrote this awesome movie along Harold Ramis.

I know I missed some, but feel free to share the Akroyd love.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Philly Phun

As part of the on-going process of falling in love with my new city of Philadelphia, I explored three new places and events this weekend. I wrote about the Cuban restaurant earlier this week, but let me expand with the details that I assume you are all dying to know. Courtney and I took the train downtown to have dinner at Alma de Cuba.

It has been so long since I have been to a really good restaurant that I think I might have been overly impressed with the place. Don't get me wrong, it was great. The atmosphere was beautiful with their cream covered chairs and red accent candle lighting. The server explained that Cuban food was not spicy but rather flavorful. Either way, I knew I would like it. I had a strip steak served on rice and black beans. With a recommendation from my friend Amy, we order Sweet Fried Plantains. Very much like bananas, they were a sweet addition to our meal. A person couldn't go to a Cuban restaurant without enjoying a delicious Mojito.

Along with our trip to Alma de Cuba, we went to Manayunk to Derek's. We both enjoyed what might be my second favorite drink, the Key Lime Martini. The rim of the glass had graham cracker crumbs so it was practically a dessert and I love dessert! Manayunk is a great little community with a variety of restaurants that offer plenty of character and atmosphere.

The third adventure in Philadelphia was the HOT! HOT! HOT! Phillies game against the Milwaukee Brewers. I ate an entire PINT of Philadelphia Water Ice to cool off. This resulted in a sugar high and then a sugar fall. I was falling asleep at the ballpark because of the heat and the sugar and the fact that I am not a HUGE fan. I dig ballparks, but man, it was HOT!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Ghosts of Feet Past

During my formative shopping years when my mother would teach me the ways of the mall, I have memories of holding up items and my mother saying, "That is just like I used to wear in the 70's," or "I had the same skirt in high school." I never believed the fashion of my youth would reappear as my mother's fashion seemed to come full circle.

However, I have now reached the age where I am seeing flashbacks of my younger days in the 80's. As I walked down Walnut Street in downtown Philadelphia last night, I entered shop after shop where I seemed to find ghosts of fashion's past. Along with the leggings under skirts and the geometrically patterned tops that seemed to fall just so off the mannequin's shoulders, I found Jelly Shoes.

I can't believe people are going to wear Jelly Shoes again. Let me just state for the record that I, Sara of the Midwestern Position, will not be fashionably regressing to the Jelly Shoe...the Jelly Shoe that lacks all comfort and let me remind you, is made of plastic. There is nothing comfortable about plastic. It is because of this plastic that the Jelly Shoe causes your feet to sweat. For some, you do not need more of a reason for your feet to sweat. For others, let me give you one more reason to avoid the will kick yourself when you are wearing those hot pink Jellies just like you did back in '85 and your Jellie strap breaks because it is made of PLASTIC and has a life of six weeks.

Come on people, with all of the cute fashion choices out there, we do not have to become victims of fashion nostalgia. The Jelly just isn't worth it.

Friday, May 26, 2006

The Cuban One

With the exception of Ricky Ricardo and Mojitos, I know very little about the Cuban culture. Sure, I know that their cigars are spectacular and they have a dictator named Fidel, but other than that, I lack all cultural appreciation for Cuba. I am hoping that will change tonight as I go into the city to eat Cuban food for the first time.

We are eating early to get in on the happy hour specials which will allow us to treat ourselves to what has been described to me twice as "spendy" Cuban food. I hope that the restaurant is not so trendy and "spendy" that it is not authentic. Sometimes going to a little mom and pop restaurant will give you a better appreciation of ethnic foods than a trendy place. I can count only one upscale restaurant that I have been to since I moved here. It isn't for lack of choices or lack of desire, but I have been intimidated by the requirements of the restaurants.

In the midwest, you can go to most restaurants without a reservation. Here, you could go to a restaurant with a reservation at 7 PM and be seated at 9 PM. I might be exaggerating a little, but this actually happened to us once. So, I made our reservation and I hope this can be added to my city adventures. I will let you know what I think.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Hang on...This is going to be one of those random posts where I take it upon myself to share the bits and pieces that make up my little mediocre life in Philadelphia.

I told you Dunkin' Doughnuts was an addiction and now I have proof. Yesterday, Dunkin' Doughnuts was giving away FREE iced coffee all day long. Now, I think that is what heroine dealers do too. They give you your first hit free and you get all hooked and have to pay for it after that. Well, I think DD have been doing their drug dealer homework because it is really a terrific strategy. To prove my theory, I tried to stay away from the DD today, but then I remembered my DD coupon book. I opened it, saw a coupon for another FREE iced coffee, so I went. I am so weak.

I would go for a walk today, but I am still suffering from the sunburn that I deservedly received at the beach on Sunday. The weather is perfect, but I am sun-phobic and will enjoy it through my open windows. I must get myself some of this SPF 45 I have been hearing so much about. I am not sure why I lie to myself and try to believe that I came from some olive skinned ancestors instead of the very Nordic genes of equal parts Norwegian and Swedish. I won't complain though. It is because of these Scandinavian genes that I normally have quite nice skin, red as it may be right now.

Now, this post would not be complete without the single most important topic of the day...Who will be the next American Idol? That is my best Ryan Seacrest impersonation. I plan on watching the entire show because my ex-television boyfriend, Mr. Clay Aiken, will be performing. For those who know me well, my love for Clay is no shock. I don't care if any of the other ghosts of Idol's past perform, just Clay. Then, the big moment when Ryan announces that Taylor Hicks won and Katharine will step aside with complete shock because it was supposed to be her moment...well, I hope I don't have to eat my words here. I think I like Taylor so much because he seems like the type of guy that would be awesome fun. He'd be the type to sing karaoke. He'd dance all night at a wedding dance. He'd always be willing to do drive by pranks. He'd never take himself too seriously. I haven't spoken to one person today or last night that said they voted for Katharine. Granted, I only spoke to Reddog and my mom.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Beachin' It

I have never had the opportunity to appreciate the beach as a landlocked midwesterner. I have seen the ocean on vacations, but never had the chance to drive to the beach and drive home to sleep in my own bed in the evening. On Sunday, Courtney and I drove to Cape May for a day of relaxation.

It couldn't have been more perfect. It wasn't too hot and there was a slight breeze from the ocean. From the picture, you can see that the beach was not crowded. Again, perfect. We sunned ourselves as we enjoyed the sounds of the ocean. After a while, we needed beach food so we found a restaurant that served my favorite beach food, CRABCAKES.

The last time I had been to the ocean was with Amy during our day trip to Coney Island. The two trips couldn't have been more different. Where Coney Island has treasures of its own like old amusement park rides and a variety of characters on the beach, Cape May was very little except the beach. I hope I can return the beach adventure to Amy someday when she comes to Cape May with me.

I forget how much I enjoy getting out of the city and into a place of peace and quiet. Even the interstate was a nice retreat from the building to building city. You can look forward to our next Philly Adventure...a Phillies baseball game!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Flip Floppin

I have long been an opponent to the flip flop. Maybe it was fear of the strap between my toes. Maybe it was the fact that there just isn't a lot of shoe there. I think more than anything it was the fact that there seemed to be a lot of decisions with the flip flop. Do I get the plastic ones? Do I get bedazzled ones? Do I get sporty ones? I just didn't want to make a flip flop decision. I kept flip-flopping on my flip flops.

But fate takes a hand in most of my shopping decisions. I was downtown last Saturday when I was caught in a downpour with my friend Amy and a cute little pair of canvas shoes. Canvas and rain are a recipe for disgusting. So, we wandered around until we found a store that could offer a pair of shoes that would be cheap, but rain friendly. This led me to the flip flops. Thank goodness I had Amy with me to guide my flip flop decision. She advised me to get a pair with cloth rather than plastic. I choose the green pair you see before you.

To my surprise, I have been enjoying the flip flop ever since.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

My American Idol Two Cents

This post will not appeal to everyone because I am about to weigh in on American Idol.

First of all, I didn't start watching until they about six or seven contestants left. I haven't had a favorite this season. Really, I haven't had a favorite since the Reuben and Clay contest...of course, I was a Claymate. It wasn't until last night that I really started pulling for someone.

It was inevitable that Elliot would have to go home. He just wasn't as good a performer as Taylor and not as good of a singer as Katherine. I felt like Taylor and Katherine's true colors showed last night. Taylor and Elliot are humble. They realize how blessed they are to be on the show and to have achieved so much because of the show. They both articulated the overwhelming response they had to going home. Then there is Katherine...when asked how her week was in LA, her home town, she said "Boring." What does that say for all the people who came out to see her? Then, Ryan Seacrest tried to make her look good by saying something like, "Well, you must get great family support with them being so close in LA?" Her response was embarrassing. She said something like, "Well, no. I hardly talk to them." I suppose she is busy but that was her chance to say something about how her family is there everyweek and how she appreciates it.

Then, the third strike came against Katherine last night when it was revealed that Elliot was going home. She did not hide her relief. Taylor and Elliot really looked sad, but Katherine let out one very visible sigh of relief. Then, the camera showed her family jumping up and down...can't they hold it together for a few minutes as Elliot and his fans get to have their "Bad Day" moment.

After watching last night, I finally have a favorite and it is Taylor Hicks. I might even vote.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A Midwestern Recommendation

Joe. Purdy.

Two words. Really, that is all it took to make my day yesterday. This guy writes really beautiful music. There are a lot of whiney guitar playin' boys out there, but I dig him. I think his lyrics do it for me. If I have to compare him to anyone I would say that he is equal parts James Blunt, David Gray, Joshua Radin, and some Damien Rice thrown in for good measure.

I really like it when the music gods are looking down on me and say, "Gods, let's shed some new music on Sara. She's been loyal."

Monday, May 15, 2006

Midwestern Insight

Midwestern Insight #1
Walking through the beloved aisles of Target, I purchased something quite special. After five months of dedication and more than one awkward hair stage, I purchased my first hair accessory in six years. I purchased a headband sort of thing. I am not sure when I will have the courage to wear it, but I own it and it is a testament to my long term hair plan.

Midwestern Insight #2
The Bryn Mawr Film Institute is one of the gems in my neighborhood and I am a little ashamed that I did not take in a movie before Saturday night. Amy and I saw Thank You For Smoking. I really enjoyed it, but I love the satire and comedy that can be found in the politics of our lives. I am also very easy to please when it comes to movies.

Midwestern Insight #3
I gave myself a manicure today. Yes, this is uncharacteristically girly of me, but I just wanted to try it. I couldn't go for the full color on my fingernails because I have this thing where I think my nails might be dirty if I can't see under the nails. I put a clear, glossy nail polish on the nails. I filed them, lotioned, and polished. We'll see how long I can keep this up, but if the long term hair plan is any indicator, I might soon be a hand model!

Midwestern Insight #4
Finally, I made Pecan Praline Bacon for breakfast on Saturday. This is a recipe that I first had at bridal shower and it was very good. I served it with waffles and fresh fruit, but it would be really nice with french toast too. When you are looking to spice up your normal breakfast bacon, try won't disappoint.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

A Day with Dr. Mutter

My friend Amy visited from NYC this weekend. I had been saving a special tourist attraction until Amy came to visit because I knew that she would love this attraction, The Mutter Museum. Although Philadelphia has some amazing art and history museums, The Mutter Museum offers something that I have never seen before. Human medical anomalies, medical history, and antique medical instruments are on display at The Mutter Museum. The museum respects the medical history in the objects on display. It could be very easy to make this a 'freak show' type museum, but it is an educational experience for the history, science, sociology, and anthropology enthusiast.

I don't even know where to start. There are 2,000 items that have been removed from people's throat! I saw a death cast of the Chang and Eng-the conjoined twins, a variety of tumors, a huge collection of skulls, the tallest skeleton in North America, and medical instruments that I am so happy will never be used on me. I must not forget to mention the largest colon I have ever seen! It was the length of my arm span and as wide as a trunk of a tree.

This is not a museum for just anyone. There were times where I was left feeling disturbed, yet I was also left feeling thankful. As I walked along and viewed all the unfortunate malformations and diseases that have plagued human kind, I was thankful that I live in an age where medical knowledge and skills can aid patients with such ailments. On the other hand, I was disturbed at the number of conditions, particularly with babies, that still occur and there is nothing medical science can do for them. They are just born that way and do not survive. I was surprised at what I found disgusting and what I was comfortable viewing. My reaction to the items that had been found in people's throats really disgusted me, yet I viewed the huge collection of skulls without an adverse gut reaction and great interest. The skulls were labeled with the cause of death and location.

Along with so many other Philadelphia landmarks, museums, and sights, I will never be able to see these things anywere else.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

She's been my mother for almost 30 years. She has been the one who knows me best. She has been the one who went to every recital. She went to every choir concert.

She helped me pick out my prom dresses. She helped plan my birthday parties. She taught me how to find a good deal. She has taught me to buy a new dress for special occasions. She helped plan my wedding. She makes my favorite dishes. She put braids and curls in my hair. She has celebrated every birthday, every graduation, every big moment in my life.

She has modeled how to be a strong woman, a strong wife, a strong sister, and a strong daughter. She has taught me when it is okay not to be strong. She has shown me the importance of friendship. She has shown me how to enjoy life with family, travel, friends, and myself. She has taught me how to relax. She has taught me how to work. She is my mom. She knows me best and I love her. Happy Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

A List...

I AM missing people tonight.
I WANT engagement.
I WISH I could see my family more often.
I HATE when people act like they have no control over their relationships.
I MISS going next door to Jodi's classroom for a good talk.
I FEAR losing perspective.
I HEAR Ella.
I WONDER if we'll ever get back to the midwest permanently.
I REGRET very little in my life.
I AM NOT tired. I feel like staying up late.
I DANCE when I do the dishes.
I SING karaoke, in the shower, in the car, at the bar, and in the kitchen.
I CRY when I lose someone.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS baked goods.
I WRITE my blog, emails, and notes.
I NEED my digital camera to work.
I SHOULD take more walks.
I START to wonder why friends drift away.
I FINISH each day with a nightly chat with Tim.
I'M GLAD that I am here.

My Quarterly Rant

To be honest, I was not in the best of moods this evening. Since I am normally a positive and forward-thinking person, I am going to allow this one rant.

First of all, I was mad at George W. Bush, but what is new. I am just so sick of the excuses and reasons behind what I see as a breech of our freedoms. Don't even bother leaving a comment on this post if you disagree with me because I am not going to get into it with anyone, let alone anyone who thinks this guy has clue one.

Lessons are to learned in all stages of our lives, and I believe that I learned an important lesson today. Don't be a junkyard dog who gets kicked and goes back for more. When I reach out to a person over and over again with very little in return...well...get a clue, Sara.

I could on and on, but that would be wallowing a bit and no one likes a wallower.

So, let me turn the beat around and tell you how I improved my mood. Courtney and I checked out Milkboy again for a coffee and some music. A colleague's husband was playing with his band at Milkboy. After I ordered a delicious cafe au lait and took a seat. I returned home to watch The Office and was pleased with the outcome. Jim said to Pam, "I'm in love with you." I loved it. I am so glad that he didn't just say, "I love you." It doesn't mean as much. Well done, Jim.

Okay, I understand that Jim and Pam are characters in a show, but it is a good show.

As I write this, I am in a much better mood. I guess it was just a two hour phase. Thanks for indulging me.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Midwestern Review: Match Point

Adultery never gets old. Well, that is what Hollywood thinks and, I guess, I have to agree with them. No matter the movie, I seem to find the movies knee-deep in secrets and betrayal the most engaging. Match Point was no exception.

If you are a long time reader of The Midwestern Position, you might remember my amateur review of Closer which was smothered in adultery that it was difficult to dig deeper to see a theme of truth, but with Match Point, Woody Allen lays it out from the minute the movie starts. This movie is about luck and the part luck plays in each of our lives. Now, I am such a novice that I am going to take Woody's advice and say that this movie is about luck and not some underlying theme that I am far to lazy to makes it easier for everyone.

Match Point was able to do what Closer was not able to do...I felt bad for the sleazy, cheating husband. I am such a sucker. This guy made his bed and he sure didn't sleep in it, but I felt sympathy for this character who wore his mediocrity on his sleeve and expected people around him to commend him for it.

I guess, without giving away too much, this movie was also about sacrifice. With all the luck in the world, no matter how good things have turned out, a person can still be left feeling like they gave something up...let something slip through their hands...let someone get away.

Monday, May 08, 2006


Hi. My name is Sara.

"Hi, Sara."

I am addicted to Dunkin' Doughnuts Hazelnut coffee with cream and sugar. I haven't always been this way. I used to get by on a nice Diet Coke...for social drinking, really. I only went out for coffee for the talking and social piece that accompanied it. But like any addiction, it took a special drug to get me hooked. I thought I had tried the hard stuff before like Starbucks or Caribou, but I guess I like to slum it when it comes to coffee. The guy behind the counter now knows my order by heart. People look at me and I know what they are thinking..."Man, she has a problem" when the man behind the counter says, "Medium Hazelnut cream sugar." I politely say, "Yes. Thank you."

I don't care about the judgement I am getting from those doughnut buying junkies...all I know is that the minute I get back to my car and drink that sweet, sweet nectar, I find a little peace in my far from chaotic world.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Just Because It is Fun to be Self-Absorbed...

Your Birthdate: September 15

You take life as it is, and you find happiness in a variety of things.
You tend to be close to family and friends. But it's hard to get into your inner circle.
Making the little things wonderful is important to you, and you probably have an inviting home.
You seek harmony with others, but occasionally you have a very stubborn streak.

Your strength: Your intense optimism

Your weakness: You shy away from exploring your talents

Your power color: Jade

Your power symbol: Flower

Your power month: June

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Beware of Idiots

On Friday night, I went with a few friends and co-workers to a new bar in the area to celebrate my last day at Borders. We entered the bar and found a booth. All of us noticed immediately a group of men standing around the bar 'holding court'. They were all wearing royal blue muscle shirts with the words "DUKE LAX". Well, for those midwesterners, it meant DUKE LACROSSE. We don't have a lot of LaCrosse in the midwest.

All I could think about when I saw this group of men/boys was PRIVILEDGE. I believe my assumptions are 100% right because they couldn't be more cliché. They were men from the University just down the road. What was the purpose of wearing these shirts except to have people stare at them? I am sure the Duke LaCrosse team doesn't feel their support since they are three states away. When asked why these men would wear such a distasteful and tacky shirt, the argument was made that they probably play lacrosse. So. I am a teacher and I don't wear shirts that support teachers who sleep with their students. I am not saying that anyone is innocent or guilty. I am saying that it is a sad and unfortunate situation that is happening at Duke and their community and this act of muscle shirt wearing was tacky. I would expect more from a community that prides themselves on their refined and scholarly young people.

I can picture how this immature and embarrassingly crude plan came to be. Picture it...18-22 year old men sitting around their house that smells of old beer and old pizza. Of course, they are sitting on third hand couches; at least three couches because college man dens always have at least three. The stupidest, most privileged of the men, probably the one who is on the six year plan since his father just keeps paying the tuition finds his one stroke of genius for the decade, "HEY! Let's get matching muscle shirts and have DUKE LAX printed on them and go out and drink on Friday night. That'll show 'em."

Then, all the men will go along with it because to stray from such disgusting behavior is not part of the privileged, white, so over-educated they are stupid man DNA. They laugh and the ball starts rolling. Before we know it, they end up in a bar where they offend other patrons and make themselves look like idiots.

These are the men that will soon give you a low rate on your mortgage. These are the men that will deliver your babies. These are the men that will date our friends, daughters, and sisters.

Bible Camp

Bible Camp became an annual occasion where I would travel with anywhere from two to ten of my closest friends. Yes, ten of my closest friends. All afternoon crafting sessions and campfire songs became a part of my adolescent narrative.
Starting at age eleven, I traveled to Bible Camp for one week each summer where I would anticipate a week that was supposed to be filled with a spiritual awakening, yet it usually held something more likened to a weeklong Sadie Hawkins dance. None of the hormonal drivings affected me during my first years of Bible Camp. Instead, I was more interested in the daily game of Capture the Flag or the clever camp counselors’ stories. I had to convince people to join me in the nature trails because very few people seemed to enjoy the steep, dirt trails the way I did. They were no wider than two feet and on each side of the trail you could find a variety of sharp or pointy brush that could warrant a trip to the camp nurse. Even a pretty intense case of poison ivy could not keep me from the trails year after year.
Every year held some certainties. Campfire songs. Hot cabins. KP (kitchen patrol) duty. The one thing that I hoped would not make an appearance at Bible Camp was my annual case of laryngitis. It wasn’t just coincidence. It had to do with my screaming as I played those field games, the fact that I had to sing every single song that a camp counselor strummed on his guitar, and the late nights talking from top bunk to bottom bunk. For years, I became known as that girl who always lost her voice. I could usually hold out for two days and it was pretty quiet from them on.
All things in teenagedom hold an ounce of drama and nothing shouted drama like the campfire time. Our campfires were held on what could have been one of the few hills in North Dakota. On the peak of the hill were three huge wooden crosses. We’d sit around the fire for an hour or so and sing songs. Usually, a counselor would share their story of faith. That was always the boring part. I just wanted to sing. The campfire held a new excitement when I reached that point in Bible Camp when I met a boy. Year after year, I would spend one week with Paul. We were a little different than most camp couples because we’d write to each other every week and even see each other during the year between camp week. We were not always in that exclusive boyfriend/girlfriend relationship but remained close for many years. Paul was so connected to Bible Camp that he became a counselor years later.
Some kids get homesick when they said goodbye to their parents and some became love sick when they said goodbye to their camp sweetie. I didn't suffer from either of these ailments at camp. For me, camp had everything that I loved during my teenage years...friends, songs, games, nature, activity, and a little handholding.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Romantic Comedies and the Like

The other night at work, the males at Borders were discussing the Star Wars light sabers and how 'awesome' they were. One co-worker must have noticed my disinterest by the blank stare I was giving them that these light sabers held no interest for me.

"Sara, does your husband like Star Wars?"

I replied, "My husband likes any movie with a troll, wizard, and/or Jedi."

The co-worker continued, "So, does he go to romantic comedies with you?"

WHAT? Why do men assume that all women like romantic comedies? I don't like romantic comedies. I like mafia movies, period pieces, historical films, documentaries, and some quirky comedies. Not all women are the same. That is a simple concept. I don't want expensive jewelry. I don't get my nails done. I'm a good driver. However, I do really like shoes.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Food Pathologies

People's food pathologies hold high interest for me. For some reason, I really like to know how and why people like things the way they like them.

Take Starbursts. I like them a lot. I open the Starburst package and eat the flavors in the order that is given until I come to a pink or red one. Then, I set them aside. I continue to eat the orange and yellow in that order. When all of the orange and yellow are finished, I returned to the separated red and pink and alternate flavors until I have finished the package. Delicious.

Fries. I like to make a reasonable size mound of ketchup, preferably not touching any fries, where I can dip the fries and determine for myself how much ketchup will be on the fry. Some people squirt the ketchup all over the fries which gives very little control to ketchup distribution or dipping factor.

Shakes. I like a thick shake. I don't like a thin shake. I want that shake to last a long time because I down ice cream in a pretty speedy pace.

Hamburgers. Why would you have a hamburger without the cheese??? Cheese always makes things better.

Ketchup. Some people like to put this condiment on a delicious mac and cheese or grilled cheese. That is working against you. Cheese is the good part of all of these comfort foods. They don't need ketchup.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Midwestern Mix, Volume One

A few months ago, I asked my readers if they would be interested in receiving the Midwestern Position Mix, Volume One.

I only received four takers. Leif, Shelly, Melanie, and Angela, Volume One is in the mail. But to entice other readers or allow them to kick themselves for missing this free CD, I will post the mix.

The songs that I have placed on Volume One have either been songs and/or artists mentioned on the blog over the last two years. They were usually discussed in terms of karaoke worth, Amazon recommendations, general recommendations, or my obsession with certain songs from the past.

Disc One
Groove Me by King Floyd

Today by Joshua Radin

I Say a Little Prayer by Aretha Franklin

Golddigger by Kayne West

Barbeque by The Animal Liberation Orchestra

Heat of the Moment by Asia

Blackbird by The Beatles

I'm Movin' Out by Billy Joel

Don't Come Easy by Patty Griffin

Colors by Amos Lee

Heart of Glass by Blondie

Troubled Mind by Catie Curtis

You're So Vain by Carly Simon

9 to 5 by Dolly Parton

September by Earth, Wind, & Fire

Second Hand News by Fleetwood Mac

I Heard It Through the Grapevine by Gladys Knight and the Pips

Rich Girl by Hall & Oates

Barracuda by Heart

Proud Mary by Tina and Ike Turner

Hammer and a Nail by Indigo Girls

Sunset Soon Forgotten by Iron & Wine

Monday, May 01, 2006


Readers, meet Chris.

Chris, meet the readers.

Actually, I should have introduced him to you as my one time fantasy boyfriend years 1993-1996. Chris O'Donnell is a movie star, but that didn't stop me from adoring him and thinking that he was the dreamiest of the dreamy. Now, it seems that my ex-moviestar imaginary boyfriend is back on television in Grey's Anatomy. I watched the first season, but like most shows, I stop because I forget to watch it or I get bored with it. So, I kind of want to rekindle this relationship with Chris, but I would be starting it midseason and that never works out. In the end, I will lose interest in our weekly date on Sunday night and break his heart. What I predict will be a one night fling where I rent season two of Grey's Anatomy and we spend a beautiful weekend together.