Monday, May 22, 2006

Beachin' It

I have never had the opportunity to appreciate the beach as a landlocked midwesterner. I have seen the ocean on vacations, but never had the chance to drive to the beach and drive home to sleep in my own bed in the evening. On Sunday, Courtney and I drove to Cape May for a day of relaxation.

It couldn't have been more perfect. It wasn't too hot and there was a slight breeze from the ocean. From the picture, you can see that the beach was not crowded. Again, perfect. We sunned ourselves as we enjoyed the sounds of the ocean. After a while, we needed beach food so we found a restaurant that served my favorite beach food, CRABCAKES.

The last time I had been to the ocean was with Amy during our day trip to Coney Island. The two trips couldn't have been more different. Where Coney Island has treasures of its own like old amusement park rides and a variety of characters on the beach, Cape May was very little except the beach. I hope I can return the beach adventure to Amy someday when she comes to Cape May with me.

I forget how much I enjoy getting out of the city and into a place of peace and quiet. Even the interstate was a nice retreat from the building to building city. You can look forward to our next Philly Adventure...a Phillies baseball game!


Reddog said...

I am so jealous. I'm sure you had a great time. Soon those pale, white legs will be nice and red.

firedancerdancin said...

I was at the beach this weekend too.

Went into the ocean with the boys. The little dude and I both were stung by what I can only assume was a jelly fish.

I still love the beach.

It's one of my three favorite places on earth. (The other two being bookstores and my bed--If I could put my bed in a barnes and noble that was located on the beach it would be my own personal heaven.)

The beach is my zen place in the universe.

firedancerdancin said...


please tell rhiannon she needs to start a blog so i can keep up with her life.

or just tell her hello for me.

nah. tell her to start a blog. and everyone else from HS too. I check out the solberg 6 now and again. Cute babies!

firedancerdancin said...
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Carm said...

I love it. As the very end of school is creeping is barreling me over, I am lusting after a relaxing beach getaway. Good job!

Carm said...

oops. there's an oops in that. Oh well. Creeping wasn't quite right.... but knocking me off my feet fit a bit better.

Eyes said...

Ohhhhhhh how heavenly. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to be able to drive to the ocean for the day. That would be HEAVEN. You are so lucky!!

Great photo of you, its just a little dark. You can adjust that, you know? I'll send you a fix.