Saturday, May 27, 2006

Ghosts of Feet Past

During my formative shopping years when my mother would teach me the ways of the mall, I have memories of holding up items and my mother saying, "That is just like I used to wear in the 70's," or "I had the same skirt in high school." I never believed the fashion of my youth would reappear as my mother's fashion seemed to come full circle.

However, I have now reached the age where I am seeing flashbacks of my younger days in the 80's. As I walked down Walnut Street in downtown Philadelphia last night, I entered shop after shop where I seemed to find ghosts of fashion's past. Along with the leggings under skirts and the geometrically patterned tops that seemed to fall just so off the mannequin's shoulders, I found Jelly Shoes.

I can't believe people are going to wear Jelly Shoes again. Let me just state for the record that I, Sara of the Midwestern Position, will not be fashionably regressing to the Jelly Shoe...the Jelly Shoe that lacks all comfort and let me remind you, is made of plastic. There is nothing comfortable about plastic. It is because of this plastic that the Jelly Shoe causes your feet to sweat. For some, you do not need more of a reason for your feet to sweat. For others, let me give you one more reason to avoid the will kick yourself when you are wearing those hot pink Jellies just like you did back in '85 and your Jellie strap breaks because it is made of PLASTIC and has a life of six weeks.

Come on people, with all of the cute fashion choices out there, we do not have to become victims of fashion nostalgia. The Jelly just isn't worth it.


Reddog said...

I can't believe those shoes are coming back. I can remember having jellies in all colors, and also wearing them with and without socks. What will be next charm necklaces?

Anna said...

Thanks for the blog tip! I get excited about comments and find out that they are from someone who has a blog about 'chocolate covered shot glasses' no joke!!!!

Also, at Urban Outfitters theother day I saw one of those circle clips that you pull your t-shirt through and the guy at the counter said they had to order more cause they were going so fast... huh?

me said...

Oh brother, I can't believe they are selling Jelly shoes!!!! My mom would never let me have any when I was young. She HATED them! I think I conned my grandma into buying me a pair, you know, cuz they were so IN.

Super Rachel Zana said...

Second grade. I begged. I pleaded. And finally my mother gave in. I wore my blue jellies all summer long, every day, blisters on my toes, blisters on my heels, blisters on any part of my feet that could get a blister, but wouldn't give up those jellies.

shelly said...

remember the cuts in the sides of your feet. because they were being squeezed by plastic. and they had to squeeze because you had to buy them small. because they stretched. because they were made of plastic... an all-around bad idea, the jelly shoe.