Friday, May 12, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

She's been my mother for almost 30 years. She has been the one who knows me best. She has been the one who went to every recital. She went to every choir concert.

She helped me pick out my prom dresses. She helped plan my birthday parties. She taught me how to find a good deal. She has taught me to buy a new dress for special occasions. She helped plan my wedding. She makes my favorite dishes. She put braids and curls in my hair. She has celebrated every birthday, every graduation, every big moment in my life.

She has modeled how to be a strong woman, a strong wife, a strong sister, and a strong daughter. She has taught me when it is okay not to be strong. She has shown me the importance of friendship. She has shown me how to enjoy life with family, travel, friends, and myself. She has taught me how to relax. She has taught me how to work. She is my mom. She knows me best and I love her. Happy Mother's Day!


Mrs. T said...

Hey- I just found your blog. I am living in the midwest but have PA roots (dad from up around Allentown). What a loving, beautiful tribute to your mom! I am the mother of 2 daughters and can only hope they have half as much nice stuff to say about me someday!

Eyes said...

How neat to see a picture of you and your mom. You two look alike :) Your mom is a very attractive woman, and you look great there too!