Thursday, May 18, 2006

My American Idol Two Cents

This post will not appeal to everyone because I am about to weigh in on American Idol.

First of all, I didn't start watching until they about six or seven contestants left. I haven't had a favorite this season. Really, I haven't had a favorite since the Reuben and Clay contest...of course, I was a Claymate. It wasn't until last night that I really started pulling for someone.

It was inevitable that Elliot would have to go home. He just wasn't as good a performer as Taylor and not as good of a singer as Katherine. I felt like Taylor and Katherine's true colors showed last night. Taylor and Elliot are humble. They realize how blessed they are to be on the show and to have achieved so much because of the show. They both articulated the overwhelming response they had to going home. Then there is Katherine...when asked how her week was in LA, her home town, she said "Boring." What does that say for all the people who came out to see her? Then, Ryan Seacrest tried to make her look good by saying something like, "Well, you must get great family support with them being so close in LA?" Her response was embarrassing. She said something like, "Well, no. I hardly talk to them." I suppose she is busy but that was her chance to say something about how her family is there everyweek and how she appreciates it.

Then, the third strike came against Katherine last night when it was revealed that Elliot was going home. She did not hide her relief. Taylor and Elliot really looked sad, but Katherine let out one very visible sigh of relief. Then, the camera showed her family jumping up and down...can't they hold it together for a few minutes as Elliot and his fans get to have their "Bad Day" moment.

After watching last night, I finally have a favorite and it is Taylor Hicks. I might even vote.


Eyes said...

For some reason that guy has not sounded good to me. I don't see what others see. The only night I enjoyed him was when he sang Elvis. He did that well though I don't like Elvis nor do I like Western and I think that is where his talent lies...

Rhiannon said...

Sara - I'm so glad you jumped back on the AI bandwagon, even if it was mid-contest. I too am pulling for Taylor but I'm not sure I care enough to vote. As you might've guessed (and been appalled by), Chris Daughtry was my favorite. I thought he was talented and down to earth, and I loved that he talked about his wife and kids so much. I was able to ignore that he wore chains from his pants pockets.

Go Taylor!

Dree said...

I was rooting for Chris... but Taylor was always a close second in my book. Now that Chris is gone, Taylor's getting all my support. If I cared enough to vote, it'd be Taylor all the way. :) AI is such a guilty pleasure.

MandyGirl said...

I loved Elliott. I didn't notice him for a while, mostly because they didn't give him as much air time as the others, but he won me over. Before I started rooting for Elliott, Taylor had been my favorite. I forgot to mention in my blog that Katharied ripped off that version of Over the Rainbow from a very talented singer named Jane Monheit. I need to blog about that too. I really hate Katharine.

firedancerdancin said...

kat makes me gag.


(not that i know her personally or anything, but she's just so ungrateful and annoying and just plain rude!)

rhiannon, I too was a chris daughtry fan. I was sad and shocked to see him go. conspiracy, i tell ya!

I hope taylor wins, and how sad is this: I dislike Katherine so badly that I'll even take the time to vote for Taylor cause i don't want her to win.

Also--AI is our twice a week TV date. We really get into AI. lol.

Anna said...

I am so glad I have found a venue where I feel welcome to rip on Katherine McPhee! I cannot believe what she said about her poor dad who cries his way through all of her performances. What a little snot. With my #1 guy The Yamin-ator gone, I am now rooting for Taylor. And can we all give a round of applause to Elliott's mom, Claudette, who just might be the cutest mom on the planet?

Anonymous said...

OK people. Do I have to be the Simon Cowell of this blog? This is not the "Nicest American" contest. This is not the "He's got a cute mom" contest. This is a contest about who has star power. Elliot Yamin, nice guy that he was, had no star power. Taylor Hicks, sweet guy that he is, is an odd, old-looking man who looks like he is smelling Randy Jackson's shit when he sings. Does any music exec want to put money behind Taylor Hicks' Rockin' Christmas Eve album or Elliot Yamin's Love Your Momma Blues album? No, they want to put money behind a pretty girl with a good voice and stage presence. That girl is Katherine McPhee. So she's a snot. She has a good voice that can become a great voice. And do we want to put Star and Entertainment Tonight out of business by ridding the world of snotty little divas? That would make the world a lot less interesting.