Monday, May 01, 2006


Readers, meet Chris.

Chris, meet the readers.

Actually, I should have introduced him to you as my one time fantasy boyfriend years 1993-1996. Chris O'Donnell is a movie star, but that didn't stop me from adoring him and thinking that he was the dreamiest of the dreamy. Now, it seems that my ex-moviestar imaginary boyfriend is back on television in Grey's Anatomy. I watched the first season, but like most shows, I stop because I forget to watch it or I get bored with it. So, I kind of want to rekindle this relationship with Chris, but I would be starting it midseason and that never works out. In the end, I will lose interest in our weekly date on Sunday night and break his heart. What I predict will be a one night fling where I rent season two of Grey's Anatomy and we spend a beautiful weekend together.


Anonymous said...

That's too funny! I was into Chris O'Donnell too for a while. I don't know but a combination of both he and Patrick Dempsey might just make me a Gray's Anatomy fan....

shelly said...

tivo is the answer to all of your woes. i have meaningful long-standing relationships with hank azaria, mariska, and the girls of girls behaving badly because i can meet up with them on my time. never a missed laugh. never a missed opportunity to bury myself deeper in my own personal denial of the atrocities of the world i live in. btw, this pic of your boyfriend looks like if mel gibson and kirk cameron had a baby. can you imagine the religious devotion of THAT baby!?!?

Anonymous said...

Hi Sara! This is Amanda's friend Colleen. I have the seson 1 DVD and would be happy to send it to you for you to watch, in fact my friend Jill is doing that as we speak. Just let me know! My friend from High school went to college with Chris. I guess he's about the nicest guy you could ever meet.


Anonymous said...

You can catch up by reading the summaries at

I miss GA now and then (hubby hates it--or hates seeing me get hooked into another show--but he's often asleep when it comes on so I can enjoy it in peace). Don't have TIVO, not yet interested in paying for it (since there's a monthly fee involved, and we still have a working VCR to tape shows we don't want to miss).

Found your blog via Matt ("Thoughts from the Oasis amidst the Corn").


Carm said...

My personal infatuation has long been with the dreamiest of guys... Ahhh... John Cusack. Every once in awhile I still think I might have a chance with him. Sigh.