Friday, April 28, 2006

Take a Break, Sara

The world was showing me little and some not-so-little signs that I have been to busy working twelve hour days over the past three days. It all started to catch up with me this morning when I was walking up the steps at school. The school is an old building with beautiful stone steps. I was waving and talking to a student and her parent. I was so busy being social that I completely missed the fact that those stone steps have a huge, protruding stone piece that my sandal caught and sent me flying flat on my face. There I lay. My lunchbag about three feet in front of me. A little five year old standing over me asking, "Are you okay, Sara?" I hop up and say, "Boy, I hope my lunch is okay." The little five year old says, "I hope you are okay."

I spend the day teaching school and head off to Borders for the third night in a row. I was in a great mood. I go up to the information desk to greet some co-workers. They all looked very serious so I said, "Why are you all so serious???" It only took one person to gesture to the woman who was not-so-obvious to me passed out cold. She had two people attending to her while the serious co-workers were calling 911. Because I am self-absorbed, I felt embarrassed that I didn't see the poor lady and I was all chipper. Awkward.

I thought taking a water break later in the night would be nice so I stood at the bubbler. Without anything to distract me, I dropped my cup of water all over the floor and my pants. Nice.

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Eyes said...

It doesn't sound like this was your day!

Was the woman okay? Scary.