Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Not one. Not Two. Not Even Three. But Four!

Here I am cuddling with my newest friends, Lola, Lucy, and Lauren. They are sisters and were born in November to my friends Tim and Marisa. They have this great big brother too, Will. I have showed my love for Will on this blog before, but let me love on by saying that he is the perfect toddler. He kisses, dances, and falls without crying. He is terrific. The girls must be taking after their big brother because they are so chilled out. I guess you have to be when you are a triplet.

Babies have a way of being born to the right parents. Tim and Marisa are so relaxed and easy-going with their family. A friend can see right away when you walk in their house that these babies and one toddler are very loved. Everyone is happy and enjoying themselves as well as the parents. Some might be all frazzled with four little ones, but Tim and Marisa have a way of making it look easy when anyone with a brain would know that it is far from easy. Like all of my friends' babies, I am excited to see these little ones grow and change. I look forward to getting a good dose of triplets and Will when I am here in Grand Forks for a visit.

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Eyes said...

Wow. Triples. Amazing.


Cute photo of you. Your energy is exuding from the picture!