Sunday, April 09, 2006

Riding with the King

Damn you Burger King! Damn you and your delicious Jr. Whopper with Cheese Value Meal!

Actually, I should be shaming myself on this blog. I have been clean for over 90 days from the evil that is McDonalds, yet when I was driving down Gateway Drive in Grand Forks today with my brother, I could not resist the calling of the Whopper.

It has been easy for me to resist fast food in my neighborhood because McDonalds is all that we have. I just follow the advice of everyone's favorite first lady, Ms. Nancy Reagan...I JUST SAY NO! But then we have the crowned one. I haven't had BK for sometime and by sometime I mean not since the summer of 2005.

The result of such a breakdown of self-control...complete and absolute rejection on the part of my stomach. Following the last bite of the Jr. Whopper with Cheese Value Meal, my stomach has taken to taking the boxing gloves out of the closet and pounding the inner wall of whatever organs happen to be down there just to remind me that I am a weak, weak, weak woman.


shelly said...

i warned you that would happen. that shit is NOT FOOD! i don't know how to pronounce what it is, but stomachs all over the world reject is as "non-edible". say hi to your fam!

Dree said...

That king scares the bejesus outta me!!! Holy crap!

captain creative said...

I find the new burger king to be really creepy, reminds of the V for Vendetta guy or someone out of slasher movie like friday the 13th. I halfway expect to see this guy show up on AMW. -..side note-Whatever happened to the cheeseburgler from mcdonald's? did they arrest him or did he finally change his ways?