Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Nice Day

Today is spectacular. A nice 75 degrees. No wind. Not a cloud in the sky.

I couldn't resist but to take myself for a walk around the village of Bryn Mawr. I got ready for the day with my rolled up jeans so they can feel like capris and a comfy, well-loved t-shirt. I put the smart, lime green ipod on and I started my walk. I had tasks to complete within this lovely walk. I needed some hairspray and I needed to mail a package at the post office.

I took the long way. I walked and walked, but I love how Bryn Mawr has benches along the main street to sit and watch all the excitement of the day.

It wasn't until I was standing on the busiest corner, waiting for the walk sign to flash that I had this recurring thought pop into my head, "Man, my life is good." It wasn't the nice day. It wasn't the beautiful spring blossoms. It wasn't even the music playing in my ears. It was the woman standing next to me in nylons, high heeled shoes, navy blue suit, and a pile of papers and folders in her arms that made me realize how cushy my life is. I was on a walk in my home made jean capris, cozy t-shirt, ipod in hand, Diet Coke in bag, and just about to sit on a bench to relax outside. I would hate to have a job where I have to go there wearing a suit and stuck inside all day.

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