Sunday, July 31, 2005

HELP! Blog Blocked

I am blog blocked. I am opening up comments for requests for information from me.

Tell me what you want me to write about and I will do my best. It can anything. I need inspiration. I'll share advice, insight, and opinions. I have shared myself with you for over a year, throw me a bone here.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Grand Forks Driving Rules

I tend forget the driving rules of Grand Forks, North Dakota. Sure, they might have the same written rules as the rest of the country, but they have enough of the unwritten rules for driving that it can even make a native of Grand Forks crazy.

GRAND FORKS RULE #1: That stop sign is merely a suggestion. It doesn't really mean stop. It really means, just slow down and no one else goes, then it must be your turn.

GRAND FORKS RULE #2: Sure, it might be my turn to turn because I do not have a stop sign and you do, but I am going to wave you on because it looks like you might need to go first. Now, if you can't read my mind that I want you to go even though I do not have a stop sign, then, I might give you a little of the North Dakota nice with a wave of the hand. Don't feel frustrated because I make up my own rules of driving...I am just being nice.

GRAND FORKS RULE #3: Even though many other people need to go to Target to do their shopping, you do not need to help them get there any faster by walking on the side of the parking lot aisle. Go ahead, walk right down the middle of the aisle. You are having a important conversation about the towels you just bought.

GRAND FORKS RULE #4: It is perfectly normal to drive at the same speed as the person next to you if you are driving in the fast/left lane. No one is in a hurry here.

GRAND FORKS RULE #5: Even though mall parking lots have these orange lines that suggest where we should drive, go ahead and drive straight across the parking lot over these lines. Those lines are for parking, not driving. Plus, I really need to get to Pier One and the quickest way is to drive over these lines.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Just Say No to Television?

I never watch television in the summer. I am just not one for gameshows, soap operas, or talk shows. Even though I didn't watch television, I can't really account for what I DID do with my time living in Iowa.

Now that I am in Grand Forks, I find myself watching television every morning. I am regressing back into a lot of my Grand Forks behaviors. First, American Movie Classics show some pretty good movies in the morning. Yesterday, AMC showed Lost in Yonkers and today they are showing Peyton Place. Peyton Place is a movie that I have seen several times before and it cracks me up. First, it so dramatic with its tawdry affairs and scandals. What was considered social suicide during Peyton Place's time is on every other television show now.

Cable television is something I could do without, yet Tim disagrees. I am trying to convince Tim that once we get to Philadelphia, we should not have cable television or at least, limit the channels. It seems to me that when I do watch television, I watch the same four channels. Tim watches FX, ESPN, and the four networks.

Maybe I'll change my tune when I get all hopped up on cable television living with my parents for a few weeks. I will try to get my fix of music videos, cooking shows, and old movies while I am hanging out in Grand Forks.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Lost in GF

So, I have three weeks in Grand Forks. I have no idea what I am going to do with myself.

This morning, I have watched "Lost in Yonkers" and drank a Diet Coke. I need to do more. I think today, I will go to the bookstore and buy a book. I will also scrapbook my going away party. I am beside myself with boredom this morning.

Hang on...It's a Deep One Tonight!

"I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship."
-Louisa May Alcott
I am not sure how many of my readers pay attention to my QUOTE OF THE WEEK, but it is something that I try to relate to my life. I know that it is one of the cheesiest things about me, but I find comfort and empathy in these words from the past. The comfort comes from the idea that I am not the first, nor will I be the last to experience and feel certain emotions and fears.
It could be that I am searching for my own words on a daily basis to express my journey right here on this blog, yet I find myself drawn to the words of others tonight.
Tonight, Louisa is telling me a few things...
  • Those around me, teach me. I think it is for this reason that I am so saddened to be leaving my friends from Iowa. They've taught and enriched me. Iowa came at a time in my life when I needed to learn. I needed to be asked to reach beyond what I had known to be true.
  • As I was taught, I hope I taught. Did I ask those around me to reach beyond themselves? Did I ask them to see beyond their front door?
  • I am a believer that most things happen to us because our life choices have led us to these events. Along with that, I believe that I have lived a charmed life where I have had no physical or family struggles to overcome, so I have not encountered any 'storms'. Whenever I start to feel fearful or nervous about my next big step, I think of those who have struggled and shown such honor and grace. So, even without the storms, I would like to think that I am still learning.
Thanks for letting me indulge my deep thoughts for the moment. Go ahead. Comment.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Reunion Round-Up

Well, the reunion weekend is over and what happens at the reunion, stays at the reunion...unless you have a blog and want to share all the dirty details with complete strangers, former classmates, or friends and family.

Rhiannon and I felt very pleased with how the weekend came together after a year of planning. I think if you asked anyone who attended the weekend's festivities, they'd tell you that it was great fun. Surreal, but fun.

Like most things in my life, there were the few cliche moments. A reunion would not be a reunion without some disclosure from classmates about traumas of the past, confessions of secret crushes, and at least one classmate dancing on a table lifting her skirt for the class of '95 to see, but it wasn't me...sorry.

Because I was the reunion master and planned such a kick-ass reunion, I was granted the honor of using the RRHS Roughrider mug. All night long, my classmates would fill my mug up with any beverage of my choice. They showed a little appreciation in the liquid form.

Even though I did my very best to compete for the DANCING MACHINE award, I was beat out by my friend Wes. I just couldn't match up to his memorized routine to Britney Spears's "Oops! I Did It Again!". Very impressive. Robert, the DJ and our classmate, did an outstanding job because everytime I asked for a ridiculous request like "PYT" by Michael Jackson, his response was "Whatever you want, Sara."

I am not sure why this happens, but I never seem to get to the food at the parties that I organize. Friday night, we had all my favorites at The Blue Moose Bar and Grill, yet I was too busy yacking for me to dip into a little spinach con queso.

Early in the weekend, we stopped by the school to visit our former choir teacher. He shared that at our ten year reunion, we'd love the people that we loved in high school and hate the people we hated in high school. That was depressing because it went against everything that I wanted the reunion to be about. It also made me feel like, "Shoot, people will still hate me." AH! Where are these crazy, teenage insecurities coming from! I haven't seen them in ten years! Thankfully, I regained my optimistic self and refused to let that prophecy come true. If I didn't want anyone judging me by an old, misunderstood standard, then I would not judge anyone by those stale standards.

My plan worked out perfectly. The one thing that I enjoyed more than anything else was talking with people that I did not socialize with in high school and chatting with people that I have not seen for years. A ten year class reunion would not be complete without an ex-boyfriend. Thankfully, I chose so wisely in high school, my ex-boyfriends are still the coolest ex-boyfriends around.

My flashback of the night came many times when at least four men in my class decided to share their secret crushes from high school with me. Unlike high school, they did not request that I go see if these girls "like them more than a friend". AND! I was aloud to laugh outloud at their secret passions, where as, in high school, I would just have to go along with it. I am not sure what it is about me that makes men/boys do this through the years, but I am glad to see that somethings never change.

Unfortunately, I did not discover the identity of my secret blog reader, even though I discussed this blog with several people. I thought for sure it had to be one of these two girls. I approached each of them and they had no idea what I was talking about. So, the mystery remains. I might have to wait another ten years to discover this class of 1995 reader!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

That is SOOOO 1995!

I suppose people have a variety of reasons they attend their 10-year high school reunion. Some want to "wow" 'em, some want to be fabulous, some want to show how HOT/RICH they became. My motivation is much simpler than these...

I have made some sweet CDs to entertain me on my 8 hour drive to my reunion. Luckily, I am picking up my pal, Amy, in Minneapolis who I also met during that seemingly important senior year. It seems right to drive into town together for our 10-year reunion (see photo of a ten year younger Sara and Amy).

A good question is not only why am I going to my 10-year reunion, but why did I take it upon myself to be deeply entrenched in the planning process?

A reunion is like a wedding, but without the clinking of the glasses and kissing. A little slideshow, a little buffet, a lot of dancing and a lot of friends. Basically, I enjoy a good party.

I was looking at photos from high school as I put the slideshow together. I look different. I no longer depend upon the boring bob haircut that got me through my three years of high school. Sure, a little more of me exists ten years later, but I don't care about that. I no longer have every color of turtleneck, but instead every color of summer t-shirt. I wear glasses and my hair has turned brown. No one told me that would happen!

Now that is the looks stuff, let's talk about behavior. I was wound tight! Things were very black and white for me. Either you were good or you were bad. Either you were smart or stupid. Ridiculous. I lacked all sense of empathy for others. To be honest, I probably wasn't the nicest person in high school. I had lots of friends, but I was highly judgemental. I would judge someone based on something as benign as their love of hockey. I find myself in such a different place ten years later when I am searching out people who are dramatically different than myself only to learn from them. I know I am a nicer person now.

I think I helped plan this party because like anything else, I want it to be great, whatever that means. My Iowa friends have come to know me as the social chair and I guess I wear that hat in this social circle too.

So, you may not hear from me for a couple of days, but I will return with stories from the reunion.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Impulse Should Not Always Be Controlled

I have a friend that tells the funniest stories from his childhood/adolescence. Let’s call him Charlie. From looking at him now as a HIGHLY responsible adult, I would never imagine him being the impulsive, awkward youth that he describes with his tales of clumsy adventure in middle and high school. Of course, we all have tales where we did the ridiculous, the seemingly pointless, but his stories always have one underlying drive…a total lack of impulse control. It usually leaves me shaking my head in amazement or laughing to the point of tears.

Charlie wanted very badly to be a member of his high school choir. In order achieve this goal; he would have to sing a duet with a girl in front of the choir director. In this situation, most would feel their nerves building and they might blow their cool. But not Charlie.

While the choir director played the stand up piano in the practice room, Charlie and his female partner crooned The Battle Hymn of the Republic…

“Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord…”

Then, suddenly, Charlie could not resist himself. He saw the pegs on the back of the stand up piano. The pegs were directly across from each other and in Charlie’s young mind; these pegs were placed in front of him for one purpose.

Even though his desire to be part of the choir was intense, his impulsive need to grab a hold of these pegs and take a semi-squatting position was the powerful drive. He took a hold of each peg and began revving like he was driving the baddest, meanest motorcycle in that choir practice room. Actually, Charlie was the only one pretending to drive an imaginary HOG in the room. His partner continued on without missing a beat. She was always the professional.

“His truth is marching on..," sang the very focused young girl.
"Revvvvv.....Revvvv..," Charlie sang.

The visual of this occurring is hilarious, yet when I questioned Charlie about his reasoning for making such a bizarre choice, he assured me that he was never considered the class clown or made the choice to be funny. He truly wanted to be in the choir. He still has no idea where it all came from.

Unfortunately, the older we get, the less we give into our whims and desires, which gives us less to laugh at about ourselves. Do we need to control all of our impulses or can we give into them and truly enjoy them like they are meant to be enjoyed? As a full-fledged adult, I try to control most of my impulses. I have learned something from Charlie’s quirky stories…I am going to allow myself one impulsive gesture in a day.

Well, as you may have guessed, Charlie did not make the choir. But Charlie does own a real, bona fide motorcycle and no longer has to give into his urges of being a bad-ass HOG rider.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Top Seven Things I Learned While Living in Iowa
  1. Iowans love BREADED PORK TENDERLOINS! Maybe I am wrong, but I don't remember ever having this Iowa delicacy as a choice at almost every restrauant in North Dakota or Minnesota. The meat is half a size larger than the actual bun that it is served upon. Iowans discuss in length where to get the best, biggest, juiciest tenderloin. Big ups to the Pork T!
  2. College Football is King! I came from a place where only professional sports were considered important with the slight exception of UND hockey. Here, you are categorized into two distinct and equally loved/hated higher ed mascots. You are either a Cyclone or a Hawkeye. Choose wisely.
  3. Sweet Corn can be a meal all by itself! On every corner during this special time of summer, vendors are happy to provide you with the best tasting corn you'll ever eat. This corn is so much better than anything you would buy in a grocery store. Mmmm...peaches and cream corn. Delicious.
  4. Convenience Stores sell the BEST fountain pop! Did you know that you can get 44 ounces of sparkling, bubbly Diet Coke from the fountain machine for a mere 69 cents! What a deal! Iowa's convenience stores are so nice. They are clean, kept, and have everything. They are huge too. They are everywhere, on every other street corner you might find a Kum and Go or QT. I love them and will miss them.
  5. You can buy anything at a HYVEE Grocery Store! Anything. IF you need a porch swing, HYVEE. If you need a dress tie on your way to church, stop off at the HYVEE! Once cannot move to Iowa and not fall madly, deeply in love with the local HYVEE.
  6. Iowans NOW Love Karaoke TOO! In the course of my tenure in Iowa, three more karaoke joints have popped up in or around Ankeny. True, I have not converted everyone, but one by one, they are drawn to the microphone. I know when I return, there will be a KARAOKE REVOLUTION happening in Iowa!
  7. Humidity vs. Iowans...I place my coin down on the side of Iowans. The deep, sticky, and somewhat evil humidity that plagues this state does not keep Iowans inside. Iowans have their famous Iowa State Fair in the middle of hot August...and they like it.

Food is Love

I tend to be one of those people that shower food upon people. For example, if someone is sick or has had a surgery, I'll bring them some food. If someone is in the middle of some stressful time in their life, I bring them some cake. When my friend was on bedrest, I'd bring her Dairy Queen and slurpies. I would show love through food. Food is love, right? Well, that is what I was taught.

I was loved last night because my friend Kecia brought me a four course meal because she knew that I was knee deep in boxes and tape. It was so kind. A delicious ravioli lasagna, salad, bread, and homemade chocolate chip cookies. It was perfect. The best part of this meal is that we will eat this for days.

I never thought I would say this, but I am so sick of eating out. All of our kitchen things are packed and I cannot cook, therefore, restaurants have become our kitchens. So, Kecia gets the 'shout out' of the day!

Monday, July 18, 2005


I thought there were some laws against CHILD LABOR?

But I was wrong. What I believe to be a 12 year old tried to help me at Best Buy today. He was a member of the Geek Squad at Best Buy.

The Geek Squad are supposed to be the superheroes of technology, right? They are supposed to download with a single click! Problem solve your flashdisk with the flick of their finger! From hardware to software, they are supposed to trip into action.

Not so this morning. I wanted to take that young geek and shake him. He tried to pawn me off as what I believe he saw in front of him as some lady who knows nothing about technology, but has a digital camera because it is the hip thing! I was steamed and if you know me, it takes a lot to get me steamed. Now, I tried to remain respectful. But I did lose my cool once...this is how it all went down...

I walk up to the counter to discuss my problem. I explained that I usually upload my photos on the PC, but I wanted to do it on my ibook instead. I was explaining how this has never been a problem when he interrupted me (mistake #1) to tell me in the most condescending way, "Well, ma'am, you reformatted the disk. Those pictures are toast (mistake #2)."


I disagreed with him that this had not occurred in the past. He then got into what I like to call Battle of the Know-It-Alls with me. He said, "Well, ma'am. It even happens when you use a flashdisk." I again disagreed with him because I transfer files using a flashdisk from PC to ibook all of the time.

He was not going to let, what he believed to be technologically inferior to him, tell him he was wrong so he tried one more time, "Well, ma'am...It happens with ipods too."

That was it...I am not sure that I can portray the rude attitude this 12 year old was shooting my way, but I was not going to take it. Sure, I was there to get help, but from the very beginning of our conversation, I knew he was not going to help me.

I said, "Are we having a contest?"

He said, "No, ma'am, we are not."

I said, "Good, because my ipod goes back and forth to the PC and the ibook all of the time. Can you help me with my problem or should I go somewhere else?"

He concluded, "Like I said, toast (mistake #3)."

How am I supposed to recover from that kind of inept help?! All I am going to do is wait until I am in Grand Forks where I know the people at the camera store in the mall are the smartest camera people I know. They will help me and they will at least be old enough to drive a car.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Party Time, Excellent!

When I came to Iowa, I never imagined that I would make such good friends. I thought I was just passing through to somewhere not yet known. However, Iowans got the best of me. My Iowa friends helped us celebrate our move to the East and to have one last party together. There were s'mores, drinks, snacks, and tents for shade. (I wish that I could photos to share, but I am having memory card issues. I'll post them as I get them resolved.)

  • A special guest star attended the party, my friend Sara. She traveled all the way from Minnesota to meet my Iowa friends and make almost everyone at the party laugh at her sometimes inappropriate humor.
  • The s'more making prongs were so long that when the marshmallows would catch on fire, I could not blow them out without grabbing the hot prong...I only made that mistake once. From then on, I had a s'more apprentice for the blowing. By the way, isn't it kind of gross to have others make your s'mores because someone might have to blow on your marshmallow and usually where their is blow, there is spittle! I know at least one person who might never eat a s'more know who you are.
  • The snack table was something midwesternly special. It had party smokies, meatballs, queso, relish tray, and of course, bars. Strangely, I did not eat a single snack. It was kind of like our wedding...I did not eat or drink because I was too busy talking and chatting with all the favorites.
  • Now, a party is not a party, until the cops show up. So, it was around 1 AM when the fuzz shined their car lights through the fence. We immediately turned down the music and behaved ourselves. It was the first time all evening.

I am changed for the better by living, working, and playing in Iowa. Thanks, NW!

Camera Woes

I am beside myself. One of my memory cards from my party is giving me a mean message that says "CARD ERROR". When I get all of my photos, I will post a detailed story of the party. For starters, all my favorites were there.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Our Anniversary

It is our fifth wedding anniversary today. On these kind of occasions, I like to reflect about the years that have passed. I like to think of the events that have occured that have led us to this day. Surprisingly, not much has changed. I am not sure if this is a good thing or is probably a good thing for us.

Tim always says, "Sara, we are so lucky." I always correct him with, "No, Tim not lucky. We make our choices in our life. We live the life we've chosen."

This applies to jobs, friends, travels, apartments...everything. We are so happy together. I don't think if I searched all over this world would I find such a complimentary spirit to my soul as Tim. I am thankful.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Missing: Our Remote

MISSING: Our Remote Control
LAST SEEN: Wrapped up in the blue and green blanket on the couch!
SUSPECTED LOCATION: Still wrapped up in the green and blue blanket, but packed away in one of over 20 boxes by Sara because she was in the middle of one of her packing frenzies that she did not notice the victim remote.
RAMIFICATIONS OF PACKING FRENZIE: Tim wandering around the apartment searching for the remote. Tim refusing to watch television because there is no remote. Tim insisting on watching television in the non-air conditioned room because that television has a remote. Time travel back to the days when people watched commercials and did not explore other cable channels for all the programs that we might be missing out on.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The First Goodbye

Congratulations, Steve! You are the first of many friends that I have to say...

See ya. So long. Call me. Come visit me.

What it really comes down to is all people WANT to believe that they are IRREPLACEABLE. We meet new friends, build a relationship, enjoy each other, and they move on to different pastures. So, what kind of investment do you need to make to insure friendships endure miles, age, and everyday lives?

I am not too concerned actually. I think people get me. I think people understand that I love to send emails to friends just to say hello. I will call out of the blue. It is pretty difficult not to stay in touch with cell phones, instant messaging, email, and blogs.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

I am a Sell Out

I think I just sold out.

I don't feel guilty for it either.

If you notice a new link on my sidebar, I have made a recommendation to my readers. If you link to it directly from my blog and decide to purchase it, I get an gift certificate. Now, I think this is good for Amazon. Good for me.

I heard about this arrangement on Rosie O'Donnell's blog. All of her profits go to charity. My profits will feed my music/movie/book habit. It is a pretty simple process for those in the blog business. All you do is go to the Amazon site, sign up, and they make the links for you. All you have to do is post them in your blog's template. Email me if you have any questions. I am going to change my recommendation once or twice a week. I might even have two, but we'll start with one.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Tales From the Pedicurist's Chair

Big-Ups to my friend Jodi for convincing me to have a pedicure! For most people, the foot is an unpleasant part of the human body. Mine is no exception. Without going into disgusting detail, I was in desparate need of this pedicure.

Over some fast-food Chinese food, including Crab Rangoon, Jodi gave me the run-down of a pedicure. I hate surprises and like to know what to expect. When we arrived at the salon, I felt the need to apologize to the pedicurist.

"I am sorry. I have bad feet."

She just smiled and lied, "That is okay, I have seen worse." If she had seen worse, she would be the first to claim that after seeing my battered and somewhat dry feet. Yes, I know it is gross to mention such unmentionable things like dry feet, but I am just saying it like it is.

Bright Red! I chose bright red for my first pedicure because everything else seemed too muted for this triumphant occasion. This will not be my last pedicure. Wouldn't it be lovely if salons could file insurance because, medically speaking, I could really use a pedicure...both for pain relief from my dry feet and for mental relaxation. If you are a man reading this blog, you need to take your girlfriend/wife/squeeze to a salon and surprise her with a pedicure. She will kiss on you for awhile.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Dancin' Machines

I was going to keep this little tidbit of internet joy to myself, but I thought that was selfish.

You MUST check out The Daily Dancer! So, this guy videos himself dancing to a variety of songs. He posts a get down session everyday for our viewing enjoyment.

First, he is an exhibitionist like none I have seen in awhile. I like to pride myself on the guts it takes to sing in front of complete strangers when I obviously have no solo singing talent, but this guy prides himself on his less-than-able dancing talent. I love it! He always resorts to his standard back and forth with the feet. He is usually half dressed and has no shame about him.

He takes requests. I requested Billy Idols "Dancing With Myself". He sometimes will dance on location. Usually, though, I imagine The Daily Dancer throwing on his CD at about 1 AM before he hits the sack and breaks it down, boy-eee!

If only all of us could be as open and free to dance when the mood strikes us. I was once 'accused' of taking my disco dancing too seriously. Heck, yeah! Dancing is awesome and I have to say that I, too, like The Daily Dancer, dance at least once a day. Sure, it might be a little bouncing as I unload the dishwasher. It could be a little car dance when I hear a favorite tune on the radio. Most of my dancing occurs when I am cleaning the house with my CDs blaring. I am not ashamed...proud is more like it.

By the way, I was inspired at the karaoke bar last night to download P.Y.T by Michael Jackson's Thriller album. I dig Thriller!

Random Thoughts for a Friday...

  • I don't remember a time in my life where I have felt so scattered. My brain is moving a hundred miles a minute, yet I don't seem to string any thoughts together in an organized fashion.
  • I feel very satisfied when I have packed a box.
  • How can a person go to such extremes in their minute I am thrilled to be starting our new adventure in a new city and then, the next minute, I am regretful of all the relationships that I have to say good-bye to...more clearly, the relationships that are so underdeveloped. The idea of "just passing through" is too difficult for me. I need to stay in one place for awhile...awhile being more than three years.
  • I don't like surface conversations. I want some meaty talks with people.
  • When I am packing, I to come across something that I feel can be thrown away or given to Goodwill.
  • Everything was fantastic last night at the karaoke bar. The only thing that would have made it better would have been if our booth was not right next to the enormous speaker, if I would have been able to talk to more people, and if we would have seen more 'characters' at the bar.

That is all I have today...I can offer no more. I am spent.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Ugh, Packing

All at once it has hit me...I have a week and a half to pack my apartment. I thought I had all the time in the world.

From tomorrow on, my life will be little more than boxes, paper, and unfriendly tape. Thankfully, I have sandwiched packing between other fun events to keep me motivated. For example, tonight I will go out with my ultra-fun former co-workers and sing some karaoke.

Then, next weekend, there is a going away party planned for us. That will be the same crowd which makes it very fun. Then, finally, I have the long planned 10-year reunion. The reunion does not make me nervous. I am just glad that it all worked out...I hope. By then, I will no longer reside in Iowa. I will be spending some quality time in North Dakota before I take off to the east.

I will not pack today, only start thinking about packing. I will buy my packing supplies today so I can get a good start on things Friday.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Sara's Delusions of Pet Ownership

I have been having severe pet-envy lately. It always happens after I return from visiting Tim's relatives because they have plenty of cute pets. For example, his Aunt Suzy has three sweet Shitzu dogs. His grandma Jane has a wild Bishon.

With all this pet-lust, I need to accept that I am no dog person. They are a big responsibility. I like to visit dogs and pet them, but I don't think I am meant to own them.

However, I would like to adopt some dogs...hypothetically speaking...Here are a few puppies that I have adopted if only in my bizarro mind.

Meet Buster. Don't rush Buster. He is in charge. I think Buster would have a stubborn streak. He would also hate exercise and that gives him a special place in my heart.
Meet Honey! She has the amber color and even though she might be thinking nothing more than, "Hey, I like cheese too! Can I have some," she looks like she is so sad. So, I would give her a name that no one but bees could be sad about.

Meet Harley! I like this one because aren't Harley Davidsons supposed to look tough. Harley wants to look tough, but it is hard when you are a little pug. He'd growl a lot though...and then, he'd be tough.

Meet Scout! Doesn't he look like a dog that would want to do anything for you. He'd fetch and run and be a very helpful, dutiful dog.

Meet Root Beer! Doesn't he have the color, and I believe, the spirit of a bubbly soda pop.

School Supply Blues

I felt the pang of sadness today, folks.

I was walking through the store and came upon what has been a joyous moment for the last 23 years of my life...the school supply aisle.

I realized that I will not be investing, enjoying, and savoring the newness of a new school year and all the notebooks and crayons that come with it.

This was compounded by a phone conversation that I had with a former colleague who was busy working in her classroom to prepare for the new school year.

Let's take a moment and be dramatic about the whole thing...I am like a boat without a dock. I am a hamburger without a bun. I am a cell phone in roaming.

Really, I am fine. It is just a strange place to be when so much of my identity has been wrapped up in the role of "teacher". I know I am so much more than a teacher and have the capabilities to do more. I just really like being a teacher.

So, with the redundant realization that I really like being a teacher, I registered for two more of the tests that I need to take to receive my teaching license in Pennsylvania. This will show perspective employers that I am well on my way to becoming licensed. In unusual Sara fashion, I am taking the advice given to me. I am going to get ready to teach in Pennsylvania. It may not be for this school year, but I am not going to drop this teaching ball.

Next week, I will be plucking away at computerized and standardized tests that will measure if I have a clue. It ranks right up there with dentist visits and airport travel.

I Made Science Today

Take the MIT Weblog Survey
What makes a person blog about their life for complete friends, aquaintances, and strangers? MIT is trying to figure the answer to this question and part of their research is the surveying of bloggers. I am one such blogger.

Blogging is just another creative (and sometimes not-so-creative) outlet for me. Along with my creative endevours at home (cooking, scrapbooking, card making), blogging lets me do something others take some enjoyment from. Mostly, my blogging provides a space where my friends and family can find out what is new and old in my life.

Amazingly, the blog world does not creep me out. I am not weirded out by complete strangers knowing about my life. On the contrary, strangers have taken a genuine interest in my life and stop by everyday to check it out. I just hope that I am smart enough to read and understand the MIT research once it comes out.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Self-Absorbed Tuesday Post

When I suffer from Bloggers Block, a fellow blogger usually will offer some inspiration for a self-absorbed assessment of you go.

Three nicknames that you have had:
  1. Bun-given to me by my brother and his Eddie Haskell-like best friend and I have no idea why.
  2. Sunny-A name given to me only because we had to have a nickname on our senior jerseys in high school and I had never accepted a nickname of any sort by choice.
  3. Baby Sara-given to me by our neighbor, Don, only because I was the youngest Sara on the block...this name stuck long into high school.

Three things you don't like about yourself:

  1. My fears-too many to mention
  2. My laziness with diet and exercise
  3. My inability to understand things like insurance and other mumbo-jumbo.

Three things that scare you:

  1. Tornadoes and any other weather related phenomena that could lead to my demise.
  2. Bats-they could get stuck in my that is unreasonable fear.
  3. Carnies-Smell like cabbage, you know.

Three of your everyday essentials:

  1. Tim
  2. Diet Coke
  3. The Internet

Three things you are wearing right now:

  1. Jean Capris
  2. Rainbow Belt
  3. Glasses

Three of your favorite bands/musicians growing up:

  1. The Monkees
  2. The Beach Boys
  3. Cat Stevens

Two truths and a lie:

  1. I have three dollars and some change in my pocket.
  2. I love Pop-Tarts but only with frosting.
  3. My Care Bear's name was Funshine--the yellow one.

Three things you can't do without:

  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. My toothbrush

Three things you most certainly can do without:

  1. Beets
  2. Rude people
  3. War

Three places you want to go on vacation:

  1. Scandinavian Countries
  2. Australia/New Zealand
  3. Some tropical wonderland where you drink brightly colored beverages and the only thing I am concerned with is what sarong I will wear to dinner and what song will be playing in my head as I walk down the beach as the sun sets on the ocean.

Three things you want to do before you die:

  1. Show them what I am made of.
  2. Open a can of worms.
  3. Turn things upside down.

Three people you want to know these things about:

  1. Actually, I would love to know these things about anyone. These are the types of things people talk about as they sit around a campfire or when they stay up too late.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Six Feet Under, Again

My friend Jodi deserves a big SHOUT OUT for including me in her big scoop! Six Feet Under, Season Four will be out August 2005! Fantasitc! Honestly, if you are not watching this show yet, go to your local video store and watch season one and you will be hooked. Six Feet Under is better than 90% of the movies at the video store.