Monday, July 18, 2005


I thought there were some laws against CHILD LABOR?

But I was wrong. What I believe to be a 12 year old tried to help me at Best Buy today. He was a member of the Geek Squad at Best Buy.

The Geek Squad are supposed to be the superheroes of technology, right? They are supposed to download with a single click! Problem solve your flashdisk with the flick of their finger! From hardware to software, they are supposed to trip into action.

Not so this morning. I wanted to take that young geek and shake him. He tried to pawn me off as what I believe he saw in front of him as some lady who knows nothing about technology, but has a digital camera because it is the hip thing! I was steamed and if you know me, it takes a lot to get me steamed. Now, I tried to remain respectful. But I did lose my cool once...this is how it all went down...

I walk up to the counter to discuss my problem. I explained that I usually upload my photos on the PC, but I wanted to do it on my ibook instead. I was explaining how this has never been a problem when he interrupted me (mistake #1) to tell me in the most condescending way, "Well, ma'am, you reformatted the disk. Those pictures are toast (mistake #2)."


I disagreed with him that this had not occurred in the past. He then got into what I like to call Battle of the Know-It-Alls with me. He said, "Well, ma'am. It even happens when you use a flashdisk." I again disagreed with him because I transfer files using a flashdisk from PC to ibook all of the time.

He was not going to let, what he believed to be technologically inferior to him, tell him he was wrong so he tried one more time, "Well, ma'am...It happens with ipods too."

That was it...I am not sure that I can portray the rude attitude this 12 year old was shooting my way, but I was not going to take it. Sure, I was there to get help, but from the very beginning of our conversation, I knew he was not going to help me.

I said, "Are we having a contest?"

He said, "No, ma'am, we are not."

I said, "Good, because my ipod goes back and forth to the PC and the ibook all of the time. Can you help me with my problem or should I go somewhere else?"

He concluded, "Like I said, toast (mistake #3)."

How am I supposed to recover from that kind of inept help?! All I am going to do is wait until I am in Grand Forks where I know the people at the camera store in the mall are the smartest camera people I know. They will help me and they will at least be old enough to drive a car.


Rhiannon said...

How obnoxious and annoying. I would've asked to speak to his manager. Not that I necessarily think the manager would've done anything but just to embarass him. But then again I am kind of mean and like to embarass people if they are being mean. I hope the camera store people are more helpful. And if the pictures really are "toast," I'm sorry. And I hope some others at your party took pics too, so they can share with you!

Dree said...

Don't even get me started on the so-called "help" that Best Buy offers, especially where the Geek Squad is concerned. They've been on my hit list for quite some time now.

Eyes said...

When I deal with a young whipper-snapper like him, I aim to teach lessons. Sadly, this one wouldn't have been pleasant.

I would have called over a manager and asked to explain my situation. I would have enlisted the help of the manager and when I was done, I would inform the manager of my less-than-pleasant experience (even in front of the kid if he was there). I would have been respectful but clearly stated my complaint.

The kid needs to learn to treat people appropriately -- and I'm not shy about being his first dissatisfied customer.

On the positive side, I also tell managers when I see outstanding young folks as well! Nothing makes me happier :)

Negative comments aren't all that negative. They help promote a positive future :)

Z*lda said...

You're lucky you got his attention at all. I have been in computer-oriented stores where I have been deliberately ignored by salespeople because of my female gender. I have had young salesmen help the man behind me instead of talking to me or considering me at all. The twerp you met is most likely a guru among his same-age peers.