Thursday, July 07, 2005

Ugh, Packing

All at once it has hit me...I have a week and a half to pack my apartment. I thought I had all the time in the world.

From tomorrow on, my life will be little more than boxes, paper, and unfriendly tape. Thankfully, I have sandwiched packing between other fun events to keep me motivated. For example, tonight I will go out with my ultra-fun former co-workers and sing some karaoke.

Then, next weekend, there is a going away party planned for us. That will be the same crowd which makes it very fun. Then, finally, I have the long planned 10-year reunion. The reunion does not make me nervous. I am just glad that it all worked out...I hope. By then, I will no longer reside in Iowa. I will be spending some quality time in North Dakota before I take off to the east.

I will not pack today, only start thinking about packing. I will buy my packing supplies today so I can get a good start on things Friday.


Anonymous said...

There's a really good box company on ebay, just search, i can't remember their name, they deliver boxes the next day and their prices are very very good. They also have tape, dispensers, peanuts, and crumbling paper...

pat said...

which one do you blog on more? this one or the 'midwestern birthday' one?

also...I FREAKING LOVE LITERATI!!! lets play! you'll beat the crap out of me, i'm sure. but i got 76 points on a word one time. i don't remember what it was, now.