Thursday, July 21, 2005

That is SOOOO 1995!

I suppose people have a variety of reasons they attend their 10-year high school reunion. Some want to "wow" 'em, some want to be fabulous, some want to show how HOT/RICH they became. My motivation is much simpler than these...

I have made some sweet CDs to entertain me on my 8 hour drive to my reunion. Luckily, I am picking up my pal, Amy, in Minneapolis who I also met during that seemingly important senior year. It seems right to drive into town together for our 10-year reunion (see photo of a ten year younger Sara and Amy).

A good question is not only why am I going to my 10-year reunion, but why did I take it upon myself to be deeply entrenched in the planning process?

A reunion is like a wedding, but without the clinking of the glasses and kissing. A little slideshow, a little buffet, a lot of dancing and a lot of friends. Basically, I enjoy a good party.

I was looking at photos from high school as I put the slideshow together. I look different. I no longer depend upon the boring bob haircut that got me through my three years of high school. Sure, a little more of me exists ten years later, but I don't care about that. I no longer have every color of turtleneck, but instead every color of summer t-shirt. I wear glasses and my hair has turned brown. No one told me that would happen!

Now that is the looks stuff, let's talk about behavior. I was wound tight! Things were very black and white for me. Either you were good or you were bad. Either you were smart or stupid. Ridiculous. I lacked all sense of empathy for others. To be honest, I probably wasn't the nicest person in high school. I had lots of friends, but I was highly judgemental. I would judge someone based on something as benign as their love of hockey. I find myself in such a different place ten years later when I am searching out people who are dramatically different than myself only to learn from them. I know I am a nicer person now.

I think I helped plan this party because like anything else, I want it to be great, whatever that means. My Iowa friends have come to know me as the social chair and I guess I wear that hat in this social circle too.

So, you may not hear from me for a couple of days, but I will return with stories from the reunion.


Kelly said...

Hi Sara,
It's me Kelly. I hope you have a grand time at your reunion! Jeff has me hooked on reading yours and others BLOGS so I have started one of my own.

Jeff said...

I think more people should have the courage to publicly share pictures of themselves 10 years ago! I'm looking forward to hearing about your reunion.

Eyes said...

That's a great photo of you 10 years ago. You were so cute!! Now you are all grown up and mature -- and classy :)