Sunday, July 17, 2005

Party Time, Excellent!

When I came to Iowa, I never imagined that I would make such good friends. I thought I was just passing through to somewhere not yet known. However, Iowans got the best of me. My Iowa friends helped us celebrate our move to the East and to have one last party together. There were s'mores, drinks, snacks, and tents for shade. (I wish that I could photos to share, but I am having memory card issues. I'll post them as I get them resolved.)

  • A special guest star attended the party, my friend Sara. She traveled all the way from Minnesota to meet my Iowa friends and make almost everyone at the party laugh at her sometimes inappropriate humor.
  • The s'more making prongs were so long that when the marshmallows would catch on fire, I could not blow them out without grabbing the hot prong...I only made that mistake once. From then on, I had a s'more apprentice for the blowing. By the way, isn't it kind of gross to have others make your s'mores because someone might have to blow on your marshmallow and usually where their is blow, there is spittle! I know at least one person who might never eat a s'more know who you are.
  • The snack table was something midwesternly special. It had party smokies, meatballs, queso, relish tray, and of course, bars. Strangely, I did not eat a single snack. It was kind of like our wedding...I did not eat or drink because I was too busy talking and chatting with all the favorites.
  • Now, a party is not a party, until the cops show up. So, it was around 1 AM when the fuzz shined their car lights through the fence. We immediately turned down the music and behaved ourselves. It was the first time all evening.

I am changed for the better by living, working, and playing in Iowa. Thanks, NW!

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