Friday, July 08, 2005

Dancin' Machines

I was going to keep this little tidbit of internet joy to myself, but I thought that was selfish.

You MUST check out The Daily Dancer! So, this guy videos himself dancing to a variety of songs. He posts a get down session everyday for our viewing enjoyment.

First, he is an exhibitionist like none I have seen in awhile. I like to pride myself on the guts it takes to sing in front of complete strangers when I obviously have no solo singing talent, but this guy prides himself on his less-than-able dancing talent. I love it! He always resorts to his standard back and forth with the feet. He is usually half dressed and has no shame about him.

He takes requests. I requested Billy Idols "Dancing With Myself". He sometimes will dance on location. Usually, though, I imagine The Daily Dancer throwing on his CD at about 1 AM before he hits the sack and breaks it down, boy-eee!

If only all of us could be as open and free to dance when the mood strikes us. I was once 'accused' of taking my disco dancing too seriously. Heck, yeah! Dancing is awesome and I have to say that I, too, like The Daily Dancer, dance at least once a day. Sure, it might be a little bouncing as I unload the dishwasher. It could be a little car dance when I hear a favorite tune on the radio. Most of my dancing occurs when I am cleaning the house with my CDs blaring. I am not ashamed...proud is more like it.

By the way, I was inspired at the karaoke bar last night to download P.Y.T by Michael Jackson's Thriller album. I dig Thriller!

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Anonymous said...

Sara shared the daily dancer with me... and I have been laughing ever since. I love nothing more that to have my own "Dance Party USA" in the living room.