Sunday, July 31, 2005

HELP! Blog Blocked

I am blog blocked. I am opening up comments for requests for information from me.

Tell me what you want me to write about and I will do my best. It can anything. I need inspiration. I'll share advice, insight, and opinions. I have shared myself with you for over a year, throw me a bone here.


Dree said...

Hmmm... Blog blocked, eh? Well, you could always blog about moving. A photo essay on your favorite parts of your house. Your favorite summer vacation memories from your childhood. The contents of your fridge. The bravest thing you've ever done. The worst date you've ever had. Your dream classroom. Three things you'd wish for if a genie appeared tomorrow.

Hope that helps! :)

firedancerdancin said...

blogger's block can be hugely frustrating...i should know. I've had a severe case of it for months now. I'm afraid I'm just not that entertaining anymore (if, in fact, i ever really was).

Write about your best concert experience. Your best vacation ever. good things/bad things about being in a sorority (I never took you as a sorority girl, and yet...), write about being okay with not having a baby or even thinking about it until 30ish. ;-)
Write about how only super cool people keep blogs. Write about finding true love and making it last. Write the best and worst things about everywhere you have lived so far. Write about the flood of '97. Write about living la vida loca. Write about how keeping a blog and invited old friends back to say hello. blah blah blah...that was just streamofconciousness and all.

word. :-)

Timmy said...

Write about your favorite hang outs in your favorite towns, a Dudley guide to the U.S.