Thursday, July 28, 2005

Grand Forks Driving Rules

I tend forget the driving rules of Grand Forks, North Dakota. Sure, they might have the same written rules as the rest of the country, but they have enough of the unwritten rules for driving that it can even make a native of Grand Forks crazy.

GRAND FORKS RULE #1: That stop sign is merely a suggestion. It doesn't really mean stop. It really means, just slow down and no one else goes, then it must be your turn.

GRAND FORKS RULE #2: Sure, it might be my turn to turn because I do not have a stop sign and you do, but I am going to wave you on because it looks like you might need to go first. Now, if you can't read my mind that I want you to go even though I do not have a stop sign, then, I might give you a little of the North Dakota nice with a wave of the hand. Don't feel frustrated because I make up my own rules of driving...I am just being nice.

GRAND FORKS RULE #3: Even though many other people need to go to Target to do their shopping, you do not need to help them get there any faster by walking on the side of the parking lot aisle. Go ahead, walk right down the middle of the aisle. You are having a important conversation about the towels you just bought.

GRAND FORKS RULE #4: It is perfectly normal to drive at the same speed as the person next to you if you are driving in the fast/left lane. No one is in a hurry here.

GRAND FORKS RULE #5: Even though mall parking lots have these orange lines that suggest where we should drive, go ahead and drive straight across the parking lot over these lines. Those lines are for parking, not driving. Plus, I really need to get to Pier One and the quickest way is to drive over these lines.


Super Rachel Zana said...

OH Hilarious! I am laughing my head off! This is so exactly the way it is!

We are leaving today to go to North Dakota too! We'll be in Valley City and at a lake cabin in MN for about a week!

firedancerdancin said...

haha. i think that austin has the worst drivers ever, but then again, I haven't been driving in GF for the past..good lord...six years so i could be wrong.

I will tell you this though--Unless it is sunny and clear, austinites cannot drive.

"Wow. It's a downpour. I can't see three feet in front of my vehicle, it's raining so hard. I think I'll slow down a bit and go EIGHTY-FIVE!!!"



Rhiannon said...

Can I add a couple?

Rule #6: One some roads, the speed limit is 40 but I think 30 is plenty fast. On other roads, the limit is 25 but 40 seems more appropriate so that's what I'll drive.

Rule #7: Pulling directly in front of cars on a busy street and stopping in the median to wait for traffic before turning left is OK, even if the butt of your Buick is sticking out into on-coming traffic just a little bit.