Wednesday, June 30, 2004

"Start Spreading the News..."

Tomorrow, I will travel to New York City. This will be my first time to the Big Apple. I will take my first cab ride by myself. This follows the pattern of the summer of new experiences. I will not post for a couple days because I will be far too busy seeing a Broadway show, taking the Amy Becker Tour of NYC, visiting Coney Island, and whatever the city wants me to see.  Posted by Hello

Monday, June 28, 2004

I Think I Like Texas

I really wish my friends would start their own blogs. Don't feel pressure to be clever or interesting. I am not. So, why not start a blog and I'll provide a link on my blog. And if you start your own blog, I'll post a big celebration post with your picture!

On another topic...I have judged Texans based upon my opinion of George W. Bush. I think I have made a mistake by doing this. I am big enough to admit a mistake has been made. First, not all Texans are Republicans and love GWB with all of their might. But to be honest, I felt this deep in my ignorant heart. Today, I listened to Anne Richards, the former governor of Texas, on Air America. I loved her accent and her Texan way. I liked how she called people honey and sweetheart. It made me want more Texans in my life. I have now added Texas to my “PLACES TO VISIT” list. I will imagine Texas as a great place to eat BBQ and have a great time. Finally, TWO of my favorite people lived in Texas for a spell...Rhiannon and Amy.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Ambrose, Norton, and Buddy

When I was in college, I had quite the reputation. No...Not that kind of reputation, but a reputation as a quality dog sitter and walker. Ambrose, a large chocolate lab, and Norton, a half beagle and half Jack Russell terrier, were my clients back then. Norton was the fastest dog that I'd ever seen. He would run as fast as he could around the kitchen when I would arrive at his house to walk him. Ambrose, on the other hand, was a very lazy chocolate lab. He was always very bothered when I came to walk him. He'd rather just lie on his big pillow. So, this weekend, I'll be dog sitting again for a doggie named Buddy. I don't know what Buddy is, but he is little and hyper and I like that. Buddy doesn't know this yet, but he is in for quite a weekend. I am taking him to the Des Moines Arts Festival. We are also going to go for many walks. I'll post a picture of Buddy as soon as I get one. I think it is strange that I am a dog sitter when I have never had a pet in my life. Not even a fish. I did have two hermit crabs in my classroom, but their legs fell off. That won't happen to Buddy.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Things to do Before I Turn 30

This blog is turning into a self-absorbed mess. Let it continue.

I am only months away from my 28th birthday. That leaves me with two years until I hit an age milestone...dramatic isn't it?! I thought it a good idea to come up with a list to be completed by age 30. So, this is a beginning. I am taking a risk sharing this because it means I am accountable and people will be wondering what I am accomplishing. If you have any suggestions, let me know.

Things I Will Do Before I am 30...
1. Learn to swim.
2. Plan an excellent high school reunion.
3. Take a vacation with a friend or friends.

I know it is a modest list. Maybe you can help me think of some more.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

"Are you a Communist?" And I said, "No, I'm a Canoeist!"

As many of you know, this is the summer where I am going to try as many new things as I can. I am not sure if I've ever canoed, but I know I have never canoed for three hours straight in the off and on again rain with multiple groups of 7-10 year old children. I felt like I was living out a dream when I played camp counselor for a day at the Raccoon River in central Iowa. It seems that canoeing is not as easy as I thought. First, you have to be aware of the logs in the middle of the river AND the trees on the sides. At one point, we ran into some trees on the side of the river and a spider landed directly on my glasses lense. UGH. I wasn't prepared for the 7 year old girls who instead of paddling chose to scream. And to top it all off, I dropped the leader's cell phone in the river. Luckily, I had my chum Jodi with me. That was my canoeing adventure. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Who's Your Boss...TV wise!

I have another confession to make. Tonight, I watched two hours of Who’s The Boss on TV Land. Before I knew better, I was hooked. For some reason, the comedic banter of Tony, Angela, and Mona seemed funny to me, whereas, 15 years ago it was over my head. TV executives love viewers like me. I am the person who will watch a Real World marathon even though I have watched the same marathon last weekend. I am a little embarrassed to admit that. Why do we watch reruns? I don’t even watch quality reruns. Maybe we watch because we’ve forgotten what happened. Maybe we watch because we feel nostalgic. Maybe we watch because it is easy and doesn’t challenge us. Maybe it is okay not to be challenged at all times. Who knows? I do know that we all have shows that we are compelled to watch and two-four hours later we have no idea what just happened. Posted by Hello

Monday, June 14, 2004

Happy 27th Birthday, Amy!

In my life, I have come across only a few kindred spirits. Amy continues to be a friend that makes me laugh, think, and question. I love Amy for all of these deep reasons, but I also love her because she enjoys the simple things in life...a good movie, a good root beer, a good song, and a good conversation. Enjoy your day! Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Top Three: Guilty Music Pleasures

Bad taste in music has really gotten a bad rap as far as I am concerned. A person cannot go through life without loving music that others may consider rotten. So, here are my top three GUILTY MUSIC PLEASURES.

1. Stayin Alive by The Bee Gees
2. 9 to 5 by Miss Dolly Parton
3. Rocky Mountain High by John Denver

Love 'em or hate 'em...tell us what you believe are your guilty music pleasures.

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Friday, June 11, 2004

Art: Pottery On My Mind

Maybe our minds let us forget how much we love something in order for us not to miss it so much. Today in the pottery studio, I remembered that I love creating pottery. This love of creation shows itself in multiple areas in my life. My love of cooking is to create something to enjoy and be eaten. My cards that I make start from a blank white piece of paper to a message that can be felt and understood. Pottery has been an unfulfilled wish for many years since college when I had my first experiences with clay. As I sat at the potter's wheel, my focus was on a small, wet pile of mud. I start from mud and make something from which a person can drink or eat. I had no idea I missed it this much. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Food: Don't Mess With Iowa

I always thought Iowans took their pork products seriously. For example, the breaded and fried pork tenderloin fritter served at most eating establishments was a new palate adventure when I moved to Iowa. Yet, I learned yesterday that not only do we take the breaded and fried pork tenderloin fritter seriously, we won't let anyone mess with our tacos. If you need clarification on this serious matter, read the article below. Don't mess.
Taco Rage
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Monday, June 07, 2004

Sports: Baseball in the Heartland

Baseball is a very appealing idea. One would assume that going to the ballpark will bring fun and entertainment. With all the "peanuts and cracker jacks", a person believes that they are part of something very American and nostalgic in nature. However, if you are at all like me, that person will soon realize, "Whoa! Baseball is a long game with swing after swing. Catch after catch." Even though it may sound like I am not an advocate of America's past time, I actually had a good time when I recently attended an Iowa Cubs baseball game in Des Moines. My pleasure came not from the pitches and base sliding, but rather the company and the snacks. The day was sunny and I have the sunburn to prove it. Will I go to another baseball game in the future? Probably. I can't resist the venders yelling or the passion that comes with professional sports even if I am burned and full by the end of it.  Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Happy 28th Birthday, Tim!

Tim's 28th year is going to be a big one. I can just feel it. Things to this point have been successful by anyone's standards. But this might be the year that Tim's ultimate dream will come true. The Minnesota Vikings will win the Super Bowl. Maybe he'll get his dream job at some fine institution for higher learning. Maybe there will be a Law and Order series for everynight of the week. Whatever will be in this 28th year, Tim will be happy. That is just how Tim is.  Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Addiction Can Happen to Y (3pts) O (1pt) U (1pt)

Carl Jung once said, "Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotic be alcohol or morphine or idealism." My vice of the moment is YahooGames Literati...which is a fancy way to describe Scrabble. Addiction in my life really translates into "Ways I Waste Time, Money, and/or Mental Resources".  Posted by Hello