Thursday, June 24, 2004

Ambrose, Norton, and Buddy

When I was in college, I had quite the reputation. No...Not that kind of reputation, but a reputation as a quality dog sitter and walker. Ambrose, a large chocolate lab, and Norton, a half beagle and half Jack Russell terrier, were my clients back then. Norton was the fastest dog that I'd ever seen. He would run as fast as he could around the kitchen when I would arrive at his house to walk him. Ambrose, on the other hand, was a very lazy chocolate lab. He was always very bothered when I came to walk him. He'd rather just lie on his big pillow. So, this weekend, I'll be dog sitting again for a doggie named Buddy. I don't know what Buddy is, but he is little and hyper and I like that. Buddy doesn't know this yet, but he is in for quite a weekend. I am taking him to the Des Moines Arts Festival. We are also going to go for many walks. I'll post a picture of Buddy as soon as I get one. I think it is strange that I am a dog sitter when I have never had a pet in my life. Not even a fish. I did have two hermit crabs in my classroom, but their legs fell off. That won't happen to Buddy.

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