Tuesday, August 31, 2004

When I walk into a grocery store, I think of my cart as a blank canvas. My cart is usually the one with a bum wheel, but that does not reduce the joy I have in a grocery store. I don't know if it is my love of food or my controlling nature that gives me this grocery store rush. I like to take my time in the grocery store. Walking through each aisle, placing cans and bags in the cart allows me to think about my upcoming week. I like to be creative in my purchases.

This week, I was thinking about this great pizza that I had on my trip to New York City. The crust was very thin, almost crispy. The crust was also very airy so it had bubbles thoughout it. It did not have any sauce, but instead, olive oil. We had spiced hamburger, roasted red peppers, and the mozzarella. and cheese. It was so good that I wanted to replicate it Iowa style. I did my best at the grocery store. I found the roasted red peppers, hamburger, and cheese. The crust is what was a challenge. I decided to use a Lavosh crust because it was like a cracker with air crunch. It turned out alright, but it still doesn't match that pizza.

So, I started to do a little research on this pizza crust and how I can make it. I will keep you updated and then, I will share my secret with you.

I am concerned what Iowa grocery stores have to offer for this type of cuisine.

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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Big News for Me

Big News! Today, I purchased a digital camera. I have been craving one for so long. We have been discussing the purchase of a digital camera and thought we'd buy it around Christmas time for each other. Today, Tim tricked me and brought me to the store. He said we were going to go look at some computers. This is not an odd request since he enjoys looking at computers on a monthly basis, but as we walked through the store, we stopped at the cameras and he said, "Let's get a digital camera!" It is for my birthday that is approaching. I know that I will put my new toy to good use. You can look forward to many digital pictures on this blog. Posted by Hello

Friday, August 27, 2004

Musical Roots

My mom likes to tell a story about when I was a little toddler. She says that I would carry around one of those little, plastic record players that would play nursery rhymes over and over. She says, "Sara, you've always liked music". I know this is true. Even though I was told that I had weird music taste growing up. All of the bands and musicians that I loved when I was a kid, I still love. There were no fads for me. Once I was hooked, I was hooked.

I am not a music snob. There is very little that I do not like when it comes to music. I like jazz, classical, rock, pop, bluegrass...I even like marching band music.

I remember sitting in my friend Rhiannon's living room when I was in the eighth grade looking at all of her parents' vinyl records and loving it. She took out Fleetwood Mac. She put it on the turntable and said, "This is the song that I was named after." I loved it. I thought this was the best music ever. At the time, hair bands where men wore more make up than women were all the rage. Hair band music is one genre of music that I cannot stand. So, I added Fleetwood Mac to my mental treasure chest of bands that I'd like forever.

BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER was a treasure that I discovered in my basement one day. It had been my mom's record and after listening to it, I couldn't believe that it had been buried in my basement without being enjoyed for years. Another friend in junior high had lent me her Cat Stevens tape and I have yet to give it back to her. It was not my intention to borrow it permanently, but I just felt that I could love it more than she could.

My brother and I had several 45s growing up. We would argue over whether to listen to Billy Joel's "It's Only Rock and Roll to Me" or Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart" for the thousandth time while playing in our basement.

I like when I discover "new" artists even now. For example, I just started listening to Joni Mitchell. Tim has helped my broaden my musical tastes to include Eric Clapton, Tom Petty, and Led Zepplin. They may be old news to some, but they are new to me. I have so many favorites when it comes to music I can't even begin to start. There are many sides to my musical psyche, but these are the roots to all modern things I listen to nowadays.

So, the other day in school, one of my students was working on a poster since she was finished with her work. When I leaned over to see what she was working on, I saw an intricate drawing with the words FLEETWOOD MAC in the middle. I must have smiled pretty big since I had five students say, "What is so funny?" I told them how I love the same band that was on the student's poster. I loved the idea that this nine year old was as excited about a band only 15 years earlier I had just fell in love with and 30 years after the band began making music. Afterward, when it was time for music, they all wanted to listen to Fleetwood Mac. So, we did. We enjoyed a little math and a little Mac.
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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

My Enthusiasm

I have been told that I am a woman who obsesses. I like to call it enthusiasm with a dash of exuberance. When I like something, I really like it. My cycle of passions goes something like this...

Step One
I discover object of obsession or am introduced to it.

Step Two
I learn about it through discussions and Internet research.

Step Three
I get as much of the obsession as I possibly can without driving the people around me crazy.

Step Four
a. I still love the obsessed item(s)/idea(s), but it is placed in the mental treasure box in my mind. I revisit the obsession once in awhile for nostalgia.

b. I make it a permanent part of my life.

Now, without sounding like too much a bizarro woman, my obsessions and passions are always innocent and fun. For example, my current obsessions are dried fruit, Six Feet Under, scented soaps, trying to make chicken exciting, and karaoke. Passed obsessions have been making fudge, hand stamping cards, Sopranos, wearing lipstick, itunes, farmers markets. The list goes on and on. Does this make me weird? Posted by Hello

Monday, August 23, 2004

Fair Food Fantasies

Even though I have a love of deep fried, sold from a mobile camper, only available at fests, fairs, and auctions, I did not attend the Iowa State Fair. We had great intentions, but never made it. We only live a few miles from the fairgrounds, but avoided it all together. I love fair rides and have no fear when it comes to riding them. Many people say, "Oh, no. I would not ride anything that moves that fast and can be taken apart in an hour or less." I would. However, Tim does not like rides. When we were in DisneyWorld, I had to shame him into riding Space Mountain by pointing at a seven year old girl in line and saying, "If she can do it, you can do it." So, I knew if we went to the fair, we wouldn't be going on any rides. We might look at the farm animals, but I have no appreciation for them. I cannot decipher a prize-winning pig from a hole in the ground. There is usually exhibits about history and exhibits about home-economics, but again...I have no expertise. I would enjoy the quilts and the old artifacts, but it just wasn't enough to get me there.
Now, the fair food was really the main attraction. I love fried cheese curds. I love funnel cake. I love a nice corn dog. I love it all. Since the food was the attraction, I dug deep for the willpower I hold deep inside and did not go to the fair. Because of the "Health Spectacular", I avoided the fair. I would not have ate with dignity, but rather with complete gluttony.

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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Arcade Guilt

Dating. This is not just limited to single people. I have been married to Tim for four years and we've continued to date. Not other people. We date each other. Last night, we went on a date to the arcade. Usually, I come up with date ideas, but when I asked Tim what he wanted to do, he suggested the arcade. My arcade experiences have been limited to Skee Ball. My video game expertise lies with a friendly game of Tetris. So, when Tim suggested the arcade, I knew I would be an observer.
Tim played some Star Wars game, a race car game, and a Jurassic Park game. He then suggested that I try a game. I usually am against any kind of gun violence role-play, but I didn't think I would know how to play any other game. So, we played a game where I get the bad guys. I was so disturbed by my ability to shoot the bad guy. I have a good shot. I have no experience with guns so where did I come up with such good aim? Tim was finished long before my game was over because he was not as good of a shot. After that game, I was finished. I returned to safe, friendly Skee Ball where I felt no guilt and all the glory of a 40 point score. I earned 30 tickets which I spent on some toys for my prize box at school.
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Saturday, August 21, 2004

Behind the Times in Television

I used to think that living in North Dakota was an excuse for being behind the times, pop-culture and fashion wise. So, what excuse can I use for the fact that I just started watching the television show "Six Feet Under "? I have seen this show up for Emmys. I have heard water-cooler discussions about it, yet I have missed two full seasons of this show.

Until the other day when I went to the video store to rent a video to watch while I walked on the treadmill. I went to the television section and it caught my eye. My friend, Amy, has shared her love and I trust her taste. She was right.

This is the type of show that a person gets connected to. The characters are deep and complex. The setting and situations are real, but unfamilar to me. I am hooked. I love the feeling of getting hooked. It happens very easily for me. I felt it with The Sopranos, numerous Law & Orders, and the PBS reality shows like Pioneer Quest and Colonial House . For me, it is the characters that I become attached to. It is a little bizarre, but I think about them during the day. I also love talking about my television shows just like I like to talk about movies and books. Since Tim has pretty high standards for television, I know "Six Feet Under" is something special because he will sit down and watch it. I was only able to rent episodes one through three and can't wait until tomorrow to get the rest. It actually makes me want to get on the treadmill.
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I am sorry for not writing lately. I have not gotten into my blogger groove since starting school. I have felt exhausted after school each day. I had forgotten how the children wear me out. All summer, I would stay up late and write, play scrabble, or write emails. Now, I just go to bed. In the summer, I had lots of energy and lots of goals, now I have one goal, GO TO SCHOOL AND TEACH. I am sure that in a couple weeks after I get into a routine, things will be different. I'll find myself wanting to do something with my time more than just teach.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

"Stylin Profilin"

I needed a haircut. Bad. Yesterday, I hit that all-too-familiar haircut plateau where you look in the mirror, one morning, and you can hardly stand yourself. UGH. That was me. I was almost ashamed to go to work, but I managed. I had looked worse. I knew today was the day for a haircut because not only did I make an appointment, but I ran out of hair product. I am a minimalist with most things, but I need hair product. I have thick, very short hair. Without it, I am one fuzzy head. When a person has short hair, they need trims every four weeks. I would like them every week, but my pocket book won't allow it.

I tend to get attached to my hair stylists. Before I moved to Iowa, I went to Tonya. She was hard on me. She would get after me if I waited that one more week where my hair was just embarrassing. She also shamed me if I would use a box highlighter kit. Then, I moved to Iowa where Cindy cut my hair. She was very nice and never "put me in my place" when it came to my hair choices. She even encouraged me to grow my hair out even when it has never been a good idea for me. And when I came to tell her to cut it really short, she did not care about the long-term hair plan on which she had worked so hard. Well, now Cindy has moved to Indiana and I was left to find a new stylist. My new woman in my life is Jessica. She was recommended by a friend and she did just fine. Why am I so self-absorbed to think that only one stylist can cut my hair and I cannot stray? I think this is an opportunity to test the field with my stylists. Sow some wild hair oats. Who knows, I might meet my soul stylist?Posted by Hello

Monday, August 16, 2004

"Life to you is a dashing and bold adventure."

This is what my fortune cookie said to me the other day. I have to disagree a little.

Yes, it is true that I enjoy life very much. I am happy person. However, I don’t believe it is the dashing and bold parts of my life that matter to me or for that matter, even happen to me. I prefer the little things.

All the Little Joys in Life…
Fountain Pop
Well-Worn Sandals
A Good Game of Scrabble
Hand-Written Notes
New School Supplies
Fruit Scented Candles
A New Haircut
A Mix CD
New Library Books
Wedding Dances
Just to name a few…

Pottery Perfection

Pottery class has come to an end. I am glad that I rekindled this hobby. During my junior and senior year of college, I took pottery classes and loved it. With graduate school and then a move, I was unable to start pottery until this summer. I wasn't able to throw as large of items as I once did in college, but I am happy with the products. I like the natural look of pottery that is made on the wheel. It is different than commercial pottery that you'd find in a department store. It is imperfect and I like that. The colors are natural, and that is a subjective term, but I like the browns and oranges. I stuck to mostly cylinders, but made a few bowls. My favorite piece is the two-tone cylinder on the middle level. I am proud of these. It proves that I did something with my time this summer. Check out close up photos of my pots
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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Life's a Beach

Today, Tim and I went to the beach.

Yes, they have a beach in Iowa. It was at a little state park about 25 minutes from town. It started out great. We packed a nice lunch in my new lunchbox. We brought a large enough blanket. We even remembered our SPF 45. As we walked from our car to the beach, we soon realized that the beach was not clean and smooth as we'd once hoped. But instead, it was newly plowed, hard, and very hot. I felt like I was walking across hot coals and, might I say, looked pretty silly doing it. We finally arrived at our chosen spot, layed out the blanket, and started to relax.

It is unfortunate, but true that we are not beach people. Tim wanted to move up to the grass, and I did not want to walk across the steamy sand. So, we stayed on our blanket and watched a class reunion make huge sand castles. After about one hour, we decided to leave. Neither of us wanted to go into the moss-covered lake and I was feeling red. So, one hour is pretty good for two people who aren't beach people, don't like to swim in green lakes, and have fair skin that burns just by going out in the sun between the hours 12 and 3.

Next time, I'll just go to the pool at our apartment complex.

Friday, August 13, 2004

Buying, Bags, and Bargains

The Jordan Creek Towncenter is the newest commerical venture in Des Moines. This is a mall extravaganza. I am the type of person that they will cater to since I do like to shop. I know there are people who do not find joy in clothes shopping. However, I am not one of them. I LOVE IT! I like dress clothes, casual clothes, shoes, accessories, and purses.

I like to consider myself a moderate in the shopping scene since I know friends who love it more and spend a lot more. However, when it comes to finding the deal, I am a champion. I don't believe that everyone has this gift and I did not come by it naturally. For years, my mother and I would train at the mall on Saturday mornings and hit the racks. She would be patient in my stores and I would be patient in her stores. We would browse the newest product that came into the stores. Eventually, we would move to the back where the sale items were located.

Now, it is not that we were cheap or didn't have enough money. It is something all together different about finding a deal. Some people find joy in buying expensive things and letting people know how expensive they were. We are the opposite. We love to buy things that are wonderful additions to our wardrobe and the added bonus...we saved a ton. It is a rush. I am always so pleased with myself when I do this.

The occasion does arise when I pay full price for something. Usually, it is one of the wardrobe basics like black pants that fit to a T, jeans that are perfection, or new, crisp white turtlenecks to start the winter.

Now that I do not live close to my mom, I have had to find new shopping friends. My pal, Kecia, enjoys my skills and continues to be impressed with my art of the deal. When we go shopping, I am not only looking for deals for myself, but also, for Kecia. I will always love shopping. No matter if I live in a small town and have to make my way down to the local grocery to get my fix or a big city where there is no limit.
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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Welcome to the World, Will!

Congratulations to Marisa and Tim on the arrival of Will Gregory on August 11. Posted by Hello

Can GWB Be Funny?

The political season always comes up with some clever cartoons, skits, and articles. With every serious article that I read, there seems to be a funny article or animation that I watch. My friend Amy is very good at sending me both.

I know that most of the country has seen the JibJab cartoon on Kerry and Bush, but we still like to pull it up for a laugh. We also enjoy the Will Ferrel skit doing his best GWB.

I always think it is interesting how the media can shape how a political person is viewed in the eyes of Americans. I watch all of the political talk shows from The Daily Show to Meet the Press. Since I am already decided, I usually get more joy out of the Daily Show than the "real" political shows. I usually feel like the interviewers are not asking tough enough questions. So, I depend on John Stewart and his gang to make light of the not-so-light issues. Oh, and it is very funny even if you are not into politics.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Movie Time

I have seen advertisements for a film called Napoleon Dynomite. I have no idea what this movie is about, but I want to see it. From what I can tell, it has some dry wit in it and I like that. If my instincts are correct, it will probably fall into the category of movies that I like, but few others have actually seen.

No, that is unfair. My friends usually have the same movie taste as myself. For example, they all enjoy Fargo, Royal Tennebaums, American Splendor, Best In Show, and Amelie. I like a lot of movies. I do not have to watch just dry wit type films. I like big blockbusters like Lord of the Rings. I have been known to watch a romantic comedy, but I usually leave disappointed. Sometimes it is best to list some of my favorites by genre rather than lump them all together. Mob movies are the films I can watch over and over again. I don't mind the violence in these films, but other movies I can't stand it. I like documentaries too. Right now, Spellbound and Trekkies are a few of the good ones. I like documentaries that leave me feeling, "Wow. I had no idea."

I rarely go to the theater, but instead receive all of my movies through Netflix. The theater provides delicious snacks and the big screen, but there seems to be that same person in all of my theaters that talks through the entire movie. I am tempted to visit our new theater for Napoleon Dynomite because of their treat selection. They serve ice cream, hot dogs, ICEEs, kettle corn, and all other standard movie treats. I am the person they are trying to appeal to. I will choose their theater because of the snacks. I am so easy.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

My 100 Things

I have finished with my 100 things! Enjoy!

Wake Up, Sleepyhead!

I am in trouble. I cannot wake up in the morning. My summer of sleeping in has now become a curse on my productivity. My normal school routine is to wake around 6:15 and be leaving my house at 7:00 am. I have woken up at 6:15 when the alarm goes off since that is when Tim gets up. I soon roll over and fall back asleep until...9:30!!!

This cannot go on. I am less than a week away from being back in school. My problem is all about self-discipline. I 'know' that I don't have to get up, so I don't. I have no responsibilities or children to tend to. Everything that is waiting for me to get up will be there at 6:15 or 9:30.

I have never been this kind of person until this summer. I used to get annoyed with my friends that would sleep their day away. I would be up early and fresh. I wouldn't put myself in the catagory of sleeping my day away since I do get up in the AM and when I do wake, I am pretty productive. When school starts next week, I will not have a choice. Maybe I should just be okay with sleeping in since this is the last week to do so. Posted by Hello

Monday, August 09, 2004

Hummus is My New Best Friend

Another healthy choice was made today. It started out with some curiosity about how to make hummus at home. I went to lunch a couple of weeks ago and ordered a spread plate that had chicken salad, hummus, and something else that I cannot remember. It was delicious. So, today I researched hummus recipes online to find a healthy, yet tasty hummus recipe. The basic ingredients of hummus are healthy with chickpeas/garbonzo beans, garlic, and whatever else you want in it to make it tasty. I didn't want to use olive oil to limit calories. What I came up with is listed below for your enjoyment. I recommend it with whole wheat pita. You can make it in a food processor, blender, or mush it up yourself.

Hummus Recipe
1-14 oz. can of chickpeas or garbonzo beans
2-cloves of garlic
1/3 cup jarred, water packed roasted red peppers
1/2 teaspoon cumin
2 tablespoons lemon juice

Blend/puree in appliance of your choice. Enjoy!

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Sunday, August 08, 2004

100 Things

I recently read a woman's blog where she listed 100 things about herself. At first, I thought, "That is easy. I could write 100 things about myself." I took that assumption to heart and began to list 100 things about myself. However, it is not so easy. I am on number 21. I know that I am interesting person with 100 things to say, but I wanted to choose 100 things about myself that would illustrate a better understanding of myself. Not only to my readers, but also to myself. As I constructed this list, I realized this was not only a list of the things in my past, but also of my future. It said where I had been and where I was going. So, I will continue to work on my 100 Things About Myself list and post it when it is good and ready. I challenge everyone to list 100 things about yourself. I'd be interested in reading it.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

I Hate to Brag, But I Love My Job!

Northwest friends at an Iowa Cubs Game!

Last night I went to a party at the home of our school custodian, Barb. Barb is great. She is one of the funniest ladies that I have ever met. Her wit is quick and zinging. She jokes with people, but never at their expense. Her compassion for kids is outstanding. One of my favorite Barb moments came when I was walking down the hall at school and she was sitting in the hallway with about 30 kindergarteners. The children were waiting for their door to be opened and Barb was keeping them busy with their favorite game, "Guess Barb's Tools". She held up a tool and the crowd of 5 year olds would yell, "Needle Nose Plier!". It was great.

Barb is just one of the people at work that make it fun everyday. This is my second school and I couldn't be happier. My work colleagues have a good in school, but we also gather outside of school. I guess being a teacher is just one of those jobs where you work with your friends. I know not every job is like that.

My work colleagues are one reason that I love my job. The children and the creativity that comes from being an elementary teacher makes everyday a new day. There is not a single day that is the same during the school year. This is a great time of year because we all get a fresh start. It is the beginning with new notebooks and crisp ideas. This year will be especially unique since I will be teaching 4th grade with the same group of children that I taught last year in 3rd grade.

Long story short...I like my job and I like with whom I work. Posted by Hello

Friday, August 06, 2004

Week One-Healthy Spectacular

I did not do too hot this week for the Sara Gets Healthy Blog Spectacular. I do want to give a few excellent excuses and then, I promise, no more excuses.

Excuse #1
My oven broke this week and required a new thermostat which meant that I could do limited cooking at home. This required us to eat out a few times. I tried to stay away from fast food.

Excuse #2
Sean came to visit and we went out to eat. We also had an ice cream treat. UGH! Ice cream, you devil.

Even though I make excuses, I want to share what I did well. First, I purchased healthy snacks to eat. Rhiannon gave me the advice "If it is not in the house, you won't eat it." I also played two rounds of golf. On Monday, I walked the entire nine holes. On Wednesday, I walked most of the nine holes with a few rides on the cart. I have increased my water intake by an average of five more glasses a day. I have limited my Diet Coke intake to one to two bottles a day. (This is good for me. I adore Diet Coke.)

Finally, I am not giving up. I am inspired. I know that no matter what happens, I can always start again during the next meal or the next day. I will not use this as a crutch, but rather, as inspiration. Tomorrow, I will walk to work in the morning.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Forshadowing is my Curse

I have a gift. I am very good at forshadowing and predicting. When Tim and I watch Law and Order, ER, or any other drama on television, I can usually predict what will happen in the story in the first five minutes. I thought it was just that I watch too much news and can connect the story lines to current events. I thought it was just that these are television stories that I have watched for years and I know what has already happened on previous episodes. But something happened last night that solidified my gift of ruining the ending for myself.

We went to The Village. As many of you might know, The Village is written and directed by the same person who wrote and directed the movies The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, and Signs. The opinions vary for each of these movies, but most people say that The Sixth Sense was his best. Anyway...about 20 minutes into the movie, I had an 'AHA!' moment where I made my prediction. (I won't tell you what it is because that would ruin the ending for you.) I asked Tim if he wanted me to tell him, and he wanted to know. I felt such pride at the end of the movie that I was able to figure out the ending so soon and with a movie that prides itself on surprise. I am sure others can do the same because there were many hints along the way. Maybe next time I watch a movie like that, I should just sit back and relax and just enjoy the film rather than try to play storyline detective.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Sean is in the Hiz-ouse!

My brother surprised me with a visit this week. He has the week off and chose to spend some of that time with me. This is a good thing since during the school year, we rarely see each other since he works weekends and I do not and vice versa. While I am excited for my brother's visit, I am always concerned at keeping my friends and family entertained while they visit Des Moines. We've been to the zoo together. We've been to Hickory Park. So, this visit, I plan on taking him to a local pub where they serve great tacos only on Tuesday, golf, mini golf, bike trails, new mall opening, and maybe feeding the ducks (I enjoy this, but he might not). Usually, all I have to do to entertain my friends is kind a nice karaoke joint, but Sean does not karaoke. We'll have a great couple days. Posted by Hello

Monday, August 02, 2004

The Best Game to Be Bad At...

Why I Like Golf

1. I get to play a sport even though I have traditionally failed at most athletic attempts.

2. It is a very social game with my friends that usually involves cold beverages of some sort.

3. Golf carts are fun.

4. I get to be outside.

5. My friends are very encouraging even though I am the worst in the group.

6. We eat lunch together afterwards.

Why I Hate Golf

1. I am horrendous at golf.

2. I don't always get the ball in the air like it is supposed to do.

3. No matter who joins our group, and no matter how bad they say they are, I am still the worst.

4. I got sunburned today.

Why I Keep Playing Golf

I always think that today will be the day when I play well. I will just keep trying.

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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Sara's Gets Healthy Blog Spectacular!!!

I believe if this is my one physical/health issue in life, I have it made.
I am quite lucky, so just let me rant a little.

Ok. Something has to stop. It might be the trips to my favorite fast food joints. It might be the laziness which prohibits any physical activity before noon. It might have to be my lifelong love affair with ice cream. It might have to be my craving for chocolate milk, sugar cereals, and cookies. Whatever it is...something has to change. It is not that I do not have the right perspective on weight loss. I get it. I get that I have the power and control over what goes into my mouth. Even better, I have the skills and knowledge about healthy eating choices. My problem lies in motivation. I was motivated only one time before in my life to lose a substantial amount of weight. You would too if you were going to wear a red, spaghetti strap chiffon bridesmaid dress that hugged every unflattering bump on your never before toned body. During that time in my life, I was eating toast with jam for every meal. I won't go back there. I love food and find joy in preparing, thinking, making, discussing, and most importantly eating it. So, using all of my skills and knowledge about healthy eating and my passion for food, I am going to make a bold assumption. I will write about my trials and tribulations in the "Sara Gets Healthy Blog Spectacular" posting each week (doesn't that make my new health plan sound exciting?). Consider this your first posting about this subject.

SO, I am going to share a part of myself with you as I have done all summer, but what I need in return is your knowledge and support. If you have a great suggestion, tell me. If you want to say, something positive, say it. If you want to say something negative, save it.

Here are my goals for this week's Get Healthy Report:
  • Begin journaling my food choices.
  • Join the YMCA and check out their aerobic schedule.
  • Exercise four days this week. Exercise being defined as heart pumping walking, biking, or activities at the YMCA.
  • No fast food...not even my favorite McDonald's breakfast sandwich.