Friday, August 13, 2004

Buying, Bags, and Bargains

The Jordan Creek Towncenter is the newest commerical venture in Des Moines. This is a mall extravaganza. I am the type of person that they will cater to since I do like to shop. I know there are people who do not find joy in clothes shopping. However, I am not one of them. I LOVE IT! I like dress clothes, casual clothes, shoes, accessories, and purses.

I like to consider myself a moderate in the shopping scene since I know friends who love it more and spend a lot more. However, when it comes to finding the deal, I am a champion. I don't believe that everyone has this gift and I did not come by it naturally. For years, my mother and I would train at the mall on Saturday mornings and hit the racks. She would be patient in my stores and I would be patient in her stores. We would browse the newest product that came into the stores. Eventually, we would move to the back where the sale items were located.

Now, it is not that we were cheap or didn't have enough money. It is something all together different about finding a deal. Some people find joy in buying expensive things and letting people know how expensive they were. We are the opposite. We love to buy things that are wonderful additions to our wardrobe and the added bonus...we saved a ton. It is a rush. I am always so pleased with myself when I do this.

The occasion does arise when I pay full price for something. Usually, it is one of the wardrobe basics like black pants that fit to a T, jeans that are perfection, or new, crisp white turtlenecks to start the winter.

Now that I do not live close to my mom, I have had to find new shopping friends. My pal, Kecia, enjoys my skills and continues to be impressed with my art of the deal. When we go shopping, I am not only looking for deals for myself, but also, for Kecia. I will always love shopping. No matter if I live in a small town and have to make my way down to the local grocery to get my fix or a big city where there is no limit.
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Eyes said...

You were up early today :) I enjoy the thrill of a good by just like you! It's so fun!!

Rhiannon said...

I got excited just reading your post. I LOVE to shop and LOVE a good deal. I come home and tell my husband about my deals and he just says uh huh. I guess he just doesn't get as excited as I do.