Saturday, August 21, 2004


I am sorry for not writing lately. I have not gotten into my blogger groove since starting school. I have felt exhausted after school each day. I had forgotten how the children wear me out. All summer, I would stay up late and write, play scrabble, or write emails. Now, I just go to bed. In the summer, I had lots of energy and lots of goals, now I have one goal, GO TO SCHOOL AND TEACH. I am sure that in a couple weeks after I get into a routine, things will be different. I'll find myself wanting to do something with my time more than just teach.


Eyes said...

School started alreay? WOW!! Here they don't start for another week.

Super Rachel Zana said...

I know how exhausted you feel. After a day in school with children in August you want to go home and sleep for 2 months! It is so hard to get into the swing of things!