Monday, August 23, 2004

Fair Food Fantasies

Even though I have a love of deep fried, sold from a mobile camper, only available at fests, fairs, and auctions, I did not attend the Iowa State Fair. We had great intentions, but never made it. We only live a few miles from the fairgrounds, but avoided it all together. I love fair rides and have no fear when it comes to riding them. Many people say, "Oh, no. I would not ride anything that moves that fast and can be taken apart in an hour or less." I would. However, Tim does not like rides. When we were in DisneyWorld, I had to shame him into riding Space Mountain by pointing at a seven year old girl in line and saying, "If she can do it, you can do it." So, I knew if we went to the fair, we wouldn't be going on any rides. We might look at the farm animals, but I have no appreciation for them. I cannot decipher a prize-winning pig from a hole in the ground. There is usually exhibits about history and exhibits about home-economics, but again...I have no expertise. I would enjoy the quilts and the old artifacts, but it just wasn't enough to get me there.
Now, the fair food was really the main attraction. I love fried cheese curds. I love funnel cake. I love a nice corn dog. I love it all. Since the food was the attraction, I dug deep for the willpower I hold deep inside and did not go to the fair. Because of the "Health Spectacular", I avoided the fair. I would not have ate with dignity, but rather with complete gluttony.

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