Saturday, August 21, 2004

Behind the Times in Television

I used to think that living in North Dakota was an excuse for being behind the times, pop-culture and fashion wise. So, what excuse can I use for the fact that I just started watching the television show "Six Feet Under "? I have seen this show up for Emmys. I have heard water-cooler discussions about it, yet I have missed two full seasons of this show.

Until the other day when I went to the video store to rent a video to watch while I walked on the treadmill. I went to the television section and it caught my eye. My friend, Amy, has shared her love and I trust her taste. She was right.

This is the type of show that a person gets connected to. The characters are deep and complex. The setting and situations are real, but unfamilar to me. I am hooked. I love the feeling of getting hooked. It happens very easily for me. I felt it with The Sopranos, numerous Law & Orders, and the PBS reality shows like Pioneer Quest and Colonial House . For me, it is the characters that I become attached to. It is a little bizarre, but I think about them during the day. I also love talking about my television shows just like I like to talk about movies and books. Since Tim has pretty high standards for television, I know "Six Feet Under" is something special because he will sit down and watch it. I was only able to rent episodes one through three and can't wait until tomorrow to get the rest. It actually makes me want to get on the treadmill.
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