Monday, August 02, 2004

The Best Game to Be Bad At...

Why I Like Golf

1. I get to play a sport even though I have traditionally failed at most athletic attempts.

2. It is a very social game with my friends that usually involves cold beverages of some sort.

3. Golf carts are fun.

4. I get to be outside.

5. My friends are very encouraging even though I am the worst in the group.

6. We eat lunch together afterwards.

Why I Hate Golf

1. I am horrendous at golf.

2. I don't always get the ball in the air like it is supposed to do.

3. No matter who joins our group, and no matter how bad they say they are, I am still the worst.

4. I got sunburned today.

Why I Keep Playing Golf

I always think that today will be the day when I play well. I will just keep trying.

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Reddog said...

No matter how bad you are at golf, it is always that ONE good shot that keeps you playing.
Also driving a golf cart is always a good time.