Sunday, August 22, 2004

Arcade Guilt

Dating. This is not just limited to single people. I have been married to Tim for four years and we've continued to date. Not other people. We date each other. Last night, we went on a date to the arcade. Usually, I come up with date ideas, but when I asked Tim what he wanted to do, he suggested the arcade. My arcade experiences have been limited to Skee Ball. My video game expertise lies with a friendly game of Tetris. So, when Tim suggested the arcade, I knew I would be an observer.
Tim played some Star Wars game, a race car game, and a Jurassic Park game. He then suggested that I try a game. I usually am against any kind of gun violence role-play, but I didn't think I would know how to play any other game. So, we played a game where I get the bad guys. I was so disturbed by my ability to shoot the bad guy. I have a good shot. I have no experience with guns so where did I come up with such good aim? Tim was finished long before my game was over because he was not as good of a shot. After that game, I was finished. I returned to safe, friendly Skee Ball where I felt no guilt and all the glory of a 40 point score. I earned 30 tickets which I spent on some toys for my prize box at school.
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Super Rachel Zana said...

Wow! You are so adventurous. If Gregory said he wanted to go to an arcade, I'd give him my quarters and stay home with a good book. I too, have limited experience with any arcade games other than Tetris, which I find very addicting.