Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Wake Up, Sleepyhead!

I am in trouble. I cannot wake up in the morning. My summer of sleeping in has now become a curse on my productivity. My normal school routine is to wake around 6:15 and be leaving my house at 7:00 am. I have woken up at 6:15 when the alarm goes off since that is when Tim gets up. I soon roll over and fall back asleep until...9:30!!!

This cannot go on. I am less than a week away from being back in school. My problem is all about self-discipline. I 'know' that I don't have to get up, so I don't. I have no responsibilities or children to tend to. Everything that is waiting for me to get up will be there at 6:15 or 9:30.

I have never been this kind of person until this summer. I used to get annoyed with my friends that would sleep their day away. I would be up early and fresh. I wouldn't put myself in the catagory of sleeping my day away since I do get up in the AM and when I do wake, I am pretty productive. When school starts next week, I will not have a choice. Maybe I should just be okay with sleeping in since this is the last week to do so. Posted by Hello

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Eyes said...

Sleep! Enjoy it. Don't feel guilty!

I don't get up until 8:30 or 9:00 most days. I am a night owl -- and while I used to feel guilty about it, I don't anymore.

Enjoy the small pleasures of life. As long as you are productive -- who cares!