Tuesday, August 31, 2004

When I walk into a grocery store, I think of my cart as a blank canvas. My cart is usually the one with a bum wheel, but that does not reduce the joy I have in a grocery store. I don't know if it is my love of food or my controlling nature that gives me this grocery store rush. I like to take my time in the grocery store. Walking through each aisle, placing cans and bags in the cart allows me to think about my upcoming week. I like to be creative in my purchases.

This week, I was thinking about this great pizza that I had on my trip to New York City. The crust was very thin, almost crispy. The crust was also very airy so it had bubbles thoughout it. It did not have any sauce, but instead, olive oil. We had spiced hamburger, roasted red peppers, and the mozzarella. and cheese. It was so good that I wanted to replicate it Iowa style. I did my best at the grocery store. I found the roasted red peppers, hamburger, and cheese. The crust is what was a challenge. I decided to use a Lavosh crust because it was like a cracker with air crunch. It turned out alright, but it still doesn't match that pizza.

So, I started to do a little research on this pizza crust and how I can make it. I will keep you updated and then, I will share my secret with you.

I am concerned what Iowa grocery stores have to offer for this type of cuisine.

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