Friday, August 06, 2004

Week One-Healthy Spectacular

I did not do too hot this week for the Sara Gets Healthy Blog Spectacular. I do want to give a few excellent excuses and then, I promise, no more excuses.

Excuse #1
My oven broke this week and required a new thermostat which meant that I could do limited cooking at home. This required us to eat out a few times. I tried to stay away from fast food.

Excuse #2
Sean came to visit and we went out to eat. We also had an ice cream treat. UGH! Ice cream, you devil.

Even though I make excuses, I want to share what I did well. First, I purchased healthy snacks to eat. Rhiannon gave me the advice "If it is not in the house, you won't eat it." I also played two rounds of golf. On Monday, I walked the entire nine holes. On Wednesday, I walked most of the nine holes with a few rides on the cart. I have increased my water intake by an average of five more glasses a day. I have limited my Diet Coke intake to one to two bottles a day. (This is good for me. I adore Diet Coke.)

Finally, I am not giving up. I am inspired. I know that no matter what happens, I can always start again during the next meal or the next day. I will not use this as a crutch, but rather, as inspiration. Tomorrow, I will walk to work in the morning.

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Eyes said...

You are not alone : ) In trying to make it into week three of low carbs, ate homemade fettucini alfredo, popcorn, cookies and today mac and cheese.

Now, I feel better and can make it another week LOL! Ugh...I am not giving up. I am allowing myself a little freedom :)