Monday, August 16, 2004

Pottery Perfection

Pottery class has come to an end. I am glad that I rekindled this hobby. During my junior and senior year of college, I took pottery classes and loved it. With graduate school and then a move, I was unable to start pottery until this summer. I wasn't able to throw as large of items as I once did in college, but I am happy with the products. I like the natural look of pottery that is made on the wheel. It is different than commercial pottery that you'd find in a department store. It is imperfect and I like that. The colors are natural, and that is a subjective term, but I like the browns and oranges. I stuck to mostly cylinders, but made a few bowls. My favorite piece is the two-tone cylinder on the middle level. I am proud of these. It proves that I did something with my time this summer. Check out close up photos of my pots
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Anonymous said...

Sara, I love these pots! I would love to take a pottery class. They are beautiful and unique. What do you do with them? Decorate? Plant houseplants inside? My favorite was actually the one that you mentioned didn't have much color. I thought it was perfect as is.

Super Rachel Zana said...

Woops. the above post was me. I forgot to click my name.