Thursday, August 12, 2004

Can GWB Be Funny?

The political season always comes up with some clever cartoons, skits, and articles. With every serious article that I read, there seems to be a funny article or animation that I watch. My friend Amy is very good at sending me both.

I know that most of the country has seen the JibJab cartoon on Kerry and Bush, but we still like to pull it up for a laugh. We also enjoy the Will Ferrel skit doing his best GWB.

I always think it is interesting how the media can shape how a political person is viewed in the eyes of Americans. I watch all of the political talk shows from The Daily Show to Meet the Press. Since I am already decided, I usually get more joy out of the Daily Show than the "real" political shows. I usually feel like the interviewers are not asking tough enough questions. So, I depend on John Stewart and his gang to make light of the not-so-light issues. Oh, and it is very funny even if you are not into politics.

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Eyes said...

I hadn't seen these political skits. They were funny. Thanks for sharing them!