Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Who's Your Boss...TV wise!

I have another confession to make. Tonight, I watched two hours of Who’s The Boss on TV Land. Before I knew better, I was hooked. For some reason, the comedic banter of Tony, Angela, and Mona seemed funny to me, whereas, 15 years ago it was over my head. TV executives love viewers like me. I am the person who will watch a Real World marathon even though I have watched the same marathon last weekend. I am a little embarrassed to admit that. Why do we watch reruns? I don’t even watch quality reruns. Maybe we watch because we’ve forgotten what happened. Maybe we watch because we feel nostalgic. Maybe we watch because it is easy and doesn’t challenge us. Maybe it is okay not to be challenged at all times. Who knows? I do know that we all have shows that we are compelled to watch and two-four hours later we have no idea what just happened. Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

I, like Sara, also watch reruns repeatedly. I have watched the MTV movie awards 4 times this week. I know the order of the show - first Lindsay Lohan talks to her fake parents, then nervously does a hip hop dance with Omarian from You Got Served and B2k, then Tom Cruise and Jamie Fox come out, Tom throws his jacket to screaming teenage girls, there is an alien guy in the podium...and on and on.

El_Phant said...

Seriously, those mornings when i have to wake up at like 7am i tend to now get excited that the reruns of Saved by the Bell come on. Reruns are the best. it brings back all of those memories of watching when we were kids or from a part of our younger years. i have to say, there is really something to say about watching allysa millano on Who's The Boss and then a few hours later watching her on Charmed. :P