Monday, June 28, 2004

I Think I Like Texas

I really wish my friends would start their own blogs. Don't feel pressure to be clever or interesting. I am not. So, why not start a blog and I'll provide a link on my blog. And if you start your own blog, I'll post a big celebration post with your picture!

On another topic...I have judged Texans based upon my opinion of George W. Bush. I think I have made a mistake by doing this. I am big enough to admit a mistake has been made. First, not all Texans are Republicans and love GWB with all of their might. But to be honest, I felt this deep in my ignorant heart. Today, I listened to Anne Richards, the former governor of Texas, on Air America. I loved her accent and her Texan way. I liked how she called people honey and sweetheart. It made me want more Texans in my life. I have now added Texas to my “PLACES TO VISIT” list. I will imagine Texas as a great place to eat BBQ and have a great time. Finally, TWO of my favorite people lived in Texas for a spell...Rhiannon and Amy.

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Rhiannon said...

Thank you for adding me as a former Texan friend. It is a lovely place. Where else can you attend a "Rattlesnake Round-up" and taste the guests of honor? By the way, it tastes like chicken. Other fond memories of Texas - wearing bandanas on all body parts, sterling silver conch jewelry (is that the right word?), and "fixin' to do" things.