Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I Made Science Today

Take the MIT Weblog Survey
What makes a person blog about their life for complete friends, aquaintances, and strangers? MIT is trying to figure the answer to this question and part of their research is the surveying of bloggers. I am one such blogger.

Blogging is just another creative (and sometimes not-so-creative) outlet for me. Along with my creative endevours at home (cooking, scrapbooking, card making), blogging lets me do something others take some enjoyment from. Mostly, my blogging provides a space where my friends and family can find out what is new and old in my life.

Amazingly, the blog world does not creep me out. I am not weirded out by complete strangers knowing about my life. On the contrary, strangers have taken a genuine interest in my life and stop by everyday to check it out. I just hope that I am smart enough to read and understand the MIT research once it comes out.

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