Wednesday, July 06, 2005

School Supply Blues

I felt the pang of sadness today, folks.

I was walking through the store and came upon what has been a joyous moment for the last 23 years of my life...the school supply aisle.

I realized that I will not be investing, enjoying, and savoring the newness of a new school year and all the notebooks and crayons that come with it.

This was compounded by a phone conversation that I had with a former colleague who was busy working in her classroom to prepare for the new school year.

Let's take a moment and be dramatic about the whole thing...I am like a boat without a dock. I am a hamburger without a bun. I am a cell phone in roaming.

Really, I am fine. It is just a strange place to be when so much of my identity has been wrapped up in the role of "teacher". I know I am so much more than a teacher and have the capabilities to do more. I just really like being a teacher.

So, with the redundant realization that I really like being a teacher, I registered for two more of the tests that I need to take to receive my teaching license in Pennsylvania. This will show perspective employers that I am well on my way to becoming licensed. In unusual Sara fashion, I am taking the advice given to me. I am going to get ready to teach in Pennsylvania. It may not be for this school year, but I am not going to drop this teaching ball.

Next week, I will be plucking away at computerized and standardized tests that will measure if I have a clue. It ranks right up there with dentist visits and airport travel.


Super Rachel Zana said...

I know this feeling. It haunts me every year I do not teach. . . that wistful, magnetic draw to the school supply aisle. I can't help it. I enter Target and my feet just take me to school supplies. I love the smell of fresh paper and enormous packages of clicky pencils. It makes me sad not to have to spend large quantities of money stocking up for a year of classroom activity. I miss buying pocket folders by the box, several boxes at a time for writing portfolios.

I'm glad you are going through with all the hoopla to get your Pennsylvania license. You are such an awesome teacher. Even if you don't end up teaching for a bit, you will be AMAZED at how much you end up using your teaching degree and skills. Things come up. Just wait.

Mathman said...

While I have left teaching, I am going to try to keep my teaching license current in case I ever decide to return to teaching. Good luck.