Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Missing: Our Remote

MISSING: Our Remote Control
LAST SEEN: Wrapped up in the blue and green blanket on the couch!
SUSPECTED LOCATION: Still wrapped up in the green and blue blanket, but packed away in one of over 20 boxes by Sara because she was in the middle of one of her packing frenzies that she did not notice the victim remote.
RAMIFICATIONS OF PACKING FRENZIE: Tim wandering around the apartment searching for the remote. Tim refusing to watch television because there is no remote. Tim insisting on watching television in the non-air conditioned room because that television has a remote. Time travel back to the days when people watched commercials and did not explore other cable channels for all the programs that we might be missing out on.


Matt said...


I'd be doing the same thing Tim is. Poor guy. He has my sympathy.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Not the remote! You both are such great flippers... I don't know what you will do without it!

Can't you find the box? Don't let the remote be all alone all the way to Philly!! :)


Z*lda said...

When we moved to Dubuque six years ago, a 100 mile journey, we had a lot of family help packing up all our stuff in a semi-sized rental truck. What do you suppose was among the first things to be packed, at the front of the truck? My purse! With the cash we needed! A niece climbed around trying to find it and broke some furniture in the process. Could not find my purse until two days later when the truck was completely unloaded. And all this in a subzero blizzard!