Sunday, April 09, 2006

Home Sweet Home

I am a tired cookie tonight. I left before the sun even came up to travel to Grand Forks for the week. I am thrilled to be here with my family. I feel like it is a nice reward for me after a hard working spring at the bookstore and the preschool. I have been so busy with planning and observing kindergartens in the area that I haven't had a lot of relaxation time.

I have big plans this week. I am going to continue some observations, but only one morning at a school in Grand Forks. Wednesday will hold an adventure. I will be traveling to my friend's cafe to have lunch. She just started this business venture with her husband and I want to give them some of my business. The most important thing for me this week is to hang with my parents, my friends, my brother and his wife, and enjoy North Dakota.

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