Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Food Pathologies

People's food pathologies hold high interest for me. For some reason, I really like to know how and why people like things the way they like them.

Take Starbursts. I like them a lot. I open the Starburst package and eat the flavors in the order that is given until I come to a pink or red one. Then, I set them aside. I continue to eat the orange and yellow in that order. When all of the orange and yellow are finished, I returned to the separated red and pink and alternate flavors until I have finished the package. Delicious.

Fries. I like to make a reasonable size mound of ketchup, preferably not touching any fries, where I can dip the fries and determine for myself how much ketchup will be on the fry. Some people squirt the ketchup all over the fries which gives very little control to ketchup distribution or dipping factor.

Shakes. I like a thick shake. I don't like a thin shake. I want that shake to last a long time because I down ice cream in a pretty speedy pace.

Hamburgers. Why would you have a hamburger without the cheese??? Cheese always makes things better.

Ketchup. Some people like to put this condiment on a delicious mac and cheese or grilled cheese. That is working against you. Cheese is the good part of all of these comfort foods. They don't need ketchup.


Courtney said...

I think that you should pause and consider the fact that the combination of your buffalo chicken with cheese is really not much different than the ketchup and cheese scenario. Buffalo sauce is totally a condiment-like substance...right?

Rhiannon said...

Love this post. I've never understood the putting ketchup all over fries. Not only can you not control quantity and distribution, but they also get soggy. I eat the small and crispy fries first, then medium, and if I'm still hungry, the big and potato-ey fries last. This is opposite of your starbursts - I'm eating my favorites first.

R said...

I prefer that my foods not mix. I have been known to eat everything in separate bowls; it's a pain in the server's arse, but so am I if my foods are touching.

As for french fries: Never pour ketchup directly over them! I hate that. Also, I prefer to eat them one by one. None of that two or three at a time thing.

The Solbergs said...

Marisa puts ketchup on tacos, yeah tacos. Am I the only one who thinks that's wierd and gross?

Carm said...

Okay... I know I have food compulsions.. I just need to think about it. Here's one request. If for some reason out there someone doesn't like the cherry jolly ranchers, I would like it immensely if they would send them all to me. I really only want to eat that one flavor. I wish you could just buy bags of that one kind. Can you? I don't know.