Monday, May 29, 2006

Philly Phun

As part of the on-going process of falling in love with my new city of Philadelphia, I explored three new places and events this weekend. I wrote about the Cuban restaurant earlier this week, but let me expand with the details that I assume you are all dying to know. Courtney and I took the train downtown to have dinner at Alma de Cuba.

It has been so long since I have been to a really good restaurant that I think I might have been overly impressed with the place. Don't get me wrong, it was great. The atmosphere was beautiful with their cream covered chairs and red accent candle lighting. The server explained that Cuban food was not spicy but rather flavorful. Either way, I knew I would like it. I had a strip steak served on rice and black beans. With a recommendation from my friend Amy, we order Sweet Fried Plantains. Very much like bananas, they were a sweet addition to our meal. A person couldn't go to a Cuban restaurant without enjoying a delicious Mojito.

Along with our trip to Alma de Cuba, we went to Manayunk to Derek's. We both enjoyed what might be my second favorite drink, the Key Lime Martini. The rim of the glass had graham cracker crumbs so it was practically a dessert and I love dessert! Manayunk is a great little community with a variety of restaurants that offer plenty of character and atmosphere.

The third adventure in Philadelphia was the HOT! HOT! HOT! Phillies game against the Milwaukee Brewers. I ate an entire PINT of Philadelphia Water Ice to cool off. This resulted in a sugar high and then a sugar fall. I was falling asleep at the ballpark because of the heat and the sugar and the fact that I am not a HUGE fan. I dig ballparks, but man, it was HOT!

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Carm said...

These all sound like grand adventures and suddenly I am very hungry for Cuban food. Yum.