Monday, May 15, 2006

Midwestern Insight

Midwestern Insight #1
Walking through the beloved aisles of Target, I purchased something quite special. After five months of dedication and more than one awkward hair stage, I purchased my first hair accessory in six years. I purchased a headband sort of thing. I am not sure when I will have the courage to wear it, but I own it and it is a testament to my long term hair plan.

Midwestern Insight #2
The Bryn Mawr Film Institute is one of the gems in my neighborhood and I am a little ashamed that I did not take in a movie before Saturday night. Amy and I saw Thank You For Smoking. I really enjoyed it, but I love the satire and comedy that can be found in the politics of our lives. I am also very easy to please when it comes to movies.

Midwestern Insight #3
I gave myself a manicure today. Yes, this is uncharacteristically girly of me, but I just wanted to try it. I couldn't go for the full color on my fingernails because I have this thing where I think my nails might be dirty if I can't see under the nails. I put a clear, glossy nail polish on the nails. I filed them, lotioned, and polished. We'll see how long I can keep this up, but if the long term hair plan is any indicator, I might soon be a hand model!

Midwestern Insight #4
Finally, I made Pecan Praline Bacon for breakfast on Saturday. This is a recipe that I first had at bridal shower and it was very good. I served it with waffles and fresh fruit, but it would be really nice with french toast too. When you are looking to spice up your normal breakfast bacon, try won't disappoint.

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Courtney said...

Manicures are so much fun...and I don't even consider myself a girly-girl. I thoroughly going to Wayne and paying $10 for someone to do it for me...and they have so many colors--from your everyday neutrals to very festive. Maybe I can take you with me sometime!