Thursday, May 11, 2006

A List...

I AM missing people tonight.
I WANT engagement.
I WISH I could see my family more often.
I HATE when people act like they have no control over their relationships.
I MISS going next door to Jodi's classroom for a good talk.
I FEAR losing perspective.
I HEAR Ella.
I WONDER if we'll ever get back to the midwest permanently.
I REGRET very little in my life.
I AM NOT tired. I feel like staying up late.
I DANCE when I do the dishes.
I SING karaoke, in the shower, in the car, at the bar, and in the kitchen.
I CRY when I lose someone.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS baked goods.
I WRITE my blog, emails, and notes.
I NEED my digital camera to work.
I SHOULD take more walks.
I START to wonder why friends drift away.
I FINISH each day with a nightly chat with Tim.
I'M GLAD that I am here.

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